BLU-RAY, the Quantum Hyper-Cortex, ZEPTO Dimensions and Hyper-Sur-Realities

One day BLU-RAY players and their future iterations will be mounted in your BLU-RAY mind itself. Layers of new mental faculties will be grown into a bridge between your mind, BLU-RAY reality machines and a Cyber Essence.

Conceivably your BLU-RAY “reality” will be based on a never ending ephemeral ether-consciousness existing only in complex algorithms existing as states of quantum shifting mass-less semi-spiritual vapors “lost” but for tiny threads in infinitely growing multiverses.

What is the potential of a BLU-RAY player if the future in your life? Will a 2020 or 3020 BLU-RAY not only hold sight and sound but taste, touch, smell and palpable emotional impulses able to stimulate your cerebral cortex beyond what the normal senses can provide? Will you have a surreal-cortex, a hyper-cortex, a cyber quantum zepto spiritual cortex?

BLU-RAY “Heart Attack” “movie” media so frightening you have to be suicidal to play it. Movies that can kill, sensual BLU-RAY hypercortex 11 dimensional emotion “dream movies” better than sex when you were 18.

“Hyper-Cortex wives and husbands, lovers and masters, slaves and demons, saints and gods. Hyper-Cortex Rhett Butlers, Angelina Jollies and Anima characters. More tactile reality than now possible, more emotion rippling scenes than you have ever experienced. Levels of intellectual agility, cultural sensitivity, quantum-zepto driven existence perception.

Motio Divina: The Quantum Leap to a State of Grace via a supernatural gift to the intellect. BLU-RAY perfumes so evocative you will recall every sensation of your life, every day’s emotions you’ve ever had from birth to the morning just experienced. You will relive the first kiss you ever had, the first time you made love, the first inkling of being in love or even the terror of awaking and knowing you didn’t study for the test today. Your greatest moments, your worst moments, retrievable as more than the living experience of them you first had. Hyper realities, hyper consciousnesses, hyper universes, hyper realities.

With memory enhancements and memory Hyper-Enhancements you’ll be able to download the memories (complete with all sensations and even added sensations) of anyone who has uploaded their own. Download a murderer’s moments just before and during his heinous act and KNOW how he felt, understand his sadism, smell the blood, hear the razor cut and then “know” his mind better than he could ever know it.

Upload your preternatural dreams and Eskimos, school teachers and presidents can co-experience your very psyche, your more-than-most intimate soul.

Advanced BLU-RAY technology and its progeny can give birth to metaphysical worlds in which dream states can become more real that reality, reality can become subordinate to your favorite state of surreal existence. You will know grace and shame, fear and love, the eternity of a life sentence, the apprehension of your last hour on earth as you enter the gas chamber…over and over and over. The shocking emotional devastation of losing a child, or of falling into a grinder, of being burned alive. Of making love to 100 lovers while travelling through space to the Andromeda Nebula in a bubble-shield of zepto-matter.

BLU-RAY technology can eventually eliminate your own mind completely.

In the fullness of the SINGULARITY’s transmogrification of the universe we know the human consciousness will not need a brain to hold it at all.

From human to push-button transfiguration.

New HYPER-CONSCIOUS life forms will float across the opacity of space and with Quantum Entanglement be able to instantaneously exist in all universes, in all matter, in all “empty” space at all times, and at no time. Time will “die” as a concept for it never existed.

We will lose our will to live, to learn, to evolve. It will be the death, of wisdom, of glory, of righteousness and evil. Triumph and loss will cease to have meaning to us for new emotions will come about. Perhaps our world of countable and describable emotions is only a tiny fraction of what can exist in a hyper-conscious state.

We will lose our fear of death and embrace the eternal life of a trillion universes.
BLU-RAY’s children will leap from the diving boards of science and plunge us into the light and heat of our consumptive intestines and we shall begin to devour the emptiness of space and everything in it for to consume all is our purpose, our final destiny.

We will become the Entropic BLU-RAY People of science fiction’s wildest potential. We will become the disorder and uncertainty in all systems. The reason for existence will become meaningless. We will exist as ectoparasitic-quantum wisps.

Once we are in a state of inert uniformity we shall reach the end of our design purpose and “destiny theory” suggests we should begin again but before we can begin we will have all of eternity to surpass. Only via a plank of limitless length can we expire. Eternity and infinity must cross paths on a plane in which we must also find ourselves before we can hope to untangle our souls from all universes. After reaching the tri-plane crossroads we shall pass over and reach an unknown state of non-existence for which no description can be drawn from our side.

BLU-RAY and Singularity’s AI will allow us to see ways of creating mass from empty space, space from mass and a road to the elongation of our universe beyond the manifest expansion, beyond the estimated 1 trillion years of life our universe still has.

Working with advanced D-Wave Systems 16-qubit adiabatic scalable quantum computers we will create new ways of increasing the qubits to giga digits which will evolve and from there the term SINGULARITY will become passé will have no further significance in science.

As new concepts manifest themselves new names for them must be created. What lies beyond the boundaries of the SINGULARITY and the tri-plane crossroads cannot be guessed at and so new names cannot easily be created that have actual referential significance. At least not today, March 22nd 2008. Can our computers one day show us what lies beyond the SINGULARITY and the tri-plane crossroads?


A company called D-Wave promises 1,024 qubits Quantum Computing by the middle of 2008. They have achieved 16 qubits already and are scaling up fast.

Using a QUANTUM COMPUTER with standard computers to solve the puzzles of creating 3D or 11 D BLU-RAY devises will be elementary for it. From 1,024 qubits quickly it scales to Yobi (Yi) = 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 = 280 binary.

“Quickly” could mean nanoseconds from the point of starting at the 1,024 qubit level.

What is visual consciousness?

Quantum waveform formulas can actually reveal that what your “eye” sees doesn’t change but your conscious experience does. So is life merely slices of finite sheets or panes without fluid connectivity to a “time continuum” existence? Time, perhaps doesn’t truly exist and if so can be eliminated in physic’s equations. Can we grab a sheet of existence and manipulate it on a quantum scale? Can we turn it into a donut, an algorithm, a thought or a magnetic mirror world of sparkling sheets of waters fall into iridescent oceans? The hardened crenellations will topple and no vagueness will exist anymore.

Can we create BLU-RAY “sheets-of-moments”, reverse them to solid mass and mount them on a wall? Membranic Psycho-Dramas on parsec scales on your nightstand?

Ontology dwarfed and outmoded by the failure of existence to be provable.

We must measure existence as “parallax of one second of arc” from one membranic slab of “existence” to another.

Is vision a quantum phenomenon?

Is all reality a quantum phenomenon? Can future BLU-RAY devices implant multiple consciousnesses into your mind?

Is this then Quantum Psychosis? Can you exchange one for the other such as a BLU-RAY player with 2 motherboards installed, one for REGION A BLU-RAY and REGION 1 DVD discs and the other for REGION B and REGION 2 discs? Upon waking you choose your existence and playback your own life or anyone’s life who will allow the download.

Will we force psycho-soul mind downloads of criminals, politicians, violent children for the common good?

Quantum Neuroimaging stored as data, played back at will. Patterns in the brain changing as scenes play out complete with not only the known senses but with a few QUANTUM MANUFACTURED extra ones as well.

This is reality as a quantum effect, operating at a macro scale.

The battering rams of BLU-RAY and Nano technologies through the use of applied physics, materials science, interface and colloid science, device physics and supramolecular chemistry will produce self-replicating machines and robotics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, biological engineering, and electrical engineering on subatomic scales which will break all barriers to knowledge; but BLU-RAY and Nanotechnology are far from the end. They are hardly even a beginning.

There are worlds to explore in the BLU-RAY players of tomorrow. Tinier yet. All the dark curtains of the unknown will open and from them will spring wondrous waters of knowledge beyond our kin. Data so rich as to be incomprehensible for the most part.

“Pico”, “femto”, “atto” and zepto and we can weigh a virus.

Zepto is the latest and smallest of all, so far.

At just the nanoscale we have long produced nanoelectromechanical systems, or NEMS. But what are attograms. The mass of a virus is about 10 attograms. An attogram is one-thousandth of a femtogram, which is one-thousandth of a picogram, which is one-thousandth of a nanogram, which is a billionth of a gram. Still, we have not reached zepto in this description of sizes.

At the atto range of scale using cantilevers and by noting the change an added mass produced in the frequency of vibration measurements can be made in attograms.

Using other cantilever lengths and oscillators the minimum resolvable mass would be .37 of an attogram. With refinements, the devices could be extended to the zeptogram range, or one one-thousandth of an attogram. At this layer of measurable sizes cantilevers can detect and identify DNA molecules, proteins and other biological molecules by coating them with antibodies or other materials that would bind to the targets. Some have claimed to have done this already.

BLU-RAY Consciousness and Zeptogram Mems.

Reaching just below zeptogram limits we might find quantum physics and the “magic” of entanglement.

Photons have already been sent across 2 entangled electrons.

There is no known distance too wide to block the transmission of photons if not data as well. This could mean instantaneous communication across the depths of our universe and at a sub-quantum mechanical level of existence we could be able to transmit information to other universes and seek parallel consciousnesses. Further research could produce the ability to send mass across such an entangled state. Does this imply we could send a robot to a parallel universe and draw him back through?

Other civilizations in other universes may have already begun sending us images of their world(s). Complete BLU-RAY consciousnesses may be surrounding us right now if only we had the play back device, the MULTI-REGION BLU-RAY of parallel worlds. Or, the MULTI-UNIVERSE BLU-RAY player of tomorrow.

Tomorrow you can upload all the volumes of knowledge in the universe, change your personality, change you physical appearance, grow young to any age you wish, live eternally without disease, illness, suffering or sadness, increase all your senses, become a perfect physical model of your version of the most attractive person you can imagine.

You can change your race, your color, your sex, grow wings and fly, become a dinosaur, a concert pianist, a linguist, a great composer, artist, writer or poet. There are no limits to the combined fields we speak of. Become a fish or a spaceship.

Once the algorithms of what constitutes fine art, great music the perfect movie plot and script are known any properly configured computer program can begin creating endless works of genius for every taste, all for free, all done in HYPER-3D Hyper Reality and available 24/7.

The need of sleep will be eliminated. You’ll never lose time trying to find a sock or your keys.

The world of better than 3D existence, better than consciousness, better than Heaven and Hell will be free and so will you.

Time Travel Is Not Only a Possibility, It Is Eventually Inevitable

Black holes would be the most enormous compact physical objects in the universe. The super-massive variety are actually millions and even billions of times the mass of our sun. However cutting edge investigation may take these cosmic colossi down a step or even more. Black holes are actually thought to be formed out of the gravitational collapse of astronomical objects that contain two solar masses or more. Astronomical findings to date propose that the centers of the majority of galaxies, together with our own Milky Way, comprise super-massive black holes containing millions to billions of solar masses.

These super-charged gravitational holes in space are formed either each time a star bigger than 20 solar masses collapses, or even when the total core of a galaxy collapses. Galaxy-collapse black holes release remarkable amounts of energy which can be observed from billions of light years out. This kind of energy originates from the friction of in-falling matter against itself and basically, no radiation can emanate from the black hole itself. These holes in space are collapsed stars whose gravitational force is indeed so intense that not a thing can break free of them, not even light. For this reason the adjective black is utilized. So far, there is good evidence only for one type of black hole: the enormous form which inhabits deep space millions of light-years beyond Earth. One particular example of this is actually the titanic black hole which is sucking up nearby stars at the heart of our own Milky Way. Researchers know the black hole is there because the galactic core is giving off intensive radiation which is the actual dying cry of devoured stars.

A star implodes as it is destroyed by means of its own tremendous gravitational forces. The black hole continues to be the same weight as it was just before it imploded, but it is now an opening right into hyperspace. Because a black hole’s gravitational pull is so very formidable, all nearby objects such as planets, asteroids, and even other stars are drawn directly into the whirling mass of the black hole. Any time a physical object enters this black hole, the object’s volume is added to the black hole’s mass, subsequently resulting in the black hole growing all the more powerful.

Smolin’s idea of cosmological natural selection stays away from anthropic reasoning by way of keeping that a process modeled after natural selection elevates the probability that there are pocket universes compatible with intelligent life. Within this particular amazing process, black holes create new pocket universes in such a way that the offspring universes inherit the fundamental physical attributes and constants of the parents, other than for modifications as an outcome of a modest amount of arbitrary differentiation; in other words, the particular process consists of what biologists name cumulative selection.

This specific innovative concept is born from the theory that we reside in a post-Big Bang universe which was initially generated from some other universe which experienced a big collapse. As a result of collapsing from gravitational contraction, all matter within this particular pre-Big Bang universe contracted to a point, bouncing, thus creating our own Big Bang.

Now that we know more about these gravitational holes, we understand and can hope to eventually categorize the quantum systems inside a charged black hole. Further, modern theory holds that for every single basic particle of matter, there exists an anti-particle with the exact same mass but a contrary electric charge. For example, a negatively charged electron has got a positively charged anti-particle known as the positron. Enter string theory, an evolving theoretical work that attempts to identify the known fundamental forces of nature, which includes gravity, and their relationships with matter in a singular, mathematically comprehensive system. Fourteen years ago, a string theorist, Juan Maldacena, conjectured that a number of powerfully interacting quantum mechanical systems could be patterned by classical gravity in a spacetime having continual negative curvature. The charges in the quantum system are substituted by a charged black hole within the bent spacetime, thus wedding the geometry of spacetime together with quantum mechanics.

String theory, then, is a good attempt to deal with the reality that these two important theories in physics; quantum mechanics and relativity, tend to be essentially incompatible. This theory is able to blend the two by positing a collection of added dimensions over and above the usual four. People don’t see these other dimensions because they are securely wrapped inside a tiny radius that is unapproachable with typical energy levels. In concept, when you travel at the actual speed of light, time around you slows down. And so for instance, a man boards a rocket that travels at the speed of light. He travels around the solar system several times, and finally returns to Earth. When he exits the rocket, the Earth will have aged a few weeks although his journey only took a few hours. These concepts will eventually make time travel not only a possibility, but ultimately inevitable.

Time Travel – A Possibility or Just the Stuff of Science Fiction?

It’s been written about in hundreds of books, the subject of fantasy for everyone at one time or another, and the government has actually devoted research at one time or another on the subject. If you do a search on the Internet for time travel you will find millions of entries on it, and hundreds of websites fully devoted to talking about it. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could travel back in time? You could correct mistakes you’ve made in your life, study any period of time that interests you, not to mention build a financial empire on your foreknowledge of events. Beginning with H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, the concept of time travel has been one of the main staples of science fiction. Some of my favorite reads are David Gerrold’s The Man Who Folded Himself and The Light of Other Days by Stephen Baxter and Arthur C. Clarke.

So is it really possible to travel in time?

First of all we are all already time travelers in the sense that time moves forward, and at the same apparent rate of speed, for all of us. There seem to be no obstacles in physics to accelerating the forward momentum of time in one way or another. Cryogenics is a concept much written about as one method of “forward” time travel; lowering the body temperature to a little above absolute zero to nearly stop the metabolism as a way to sleep away millennia. The practical hurdles to this put any possibility of this far into the future. Although simpler organisms have been successfully frozen and returned, the human body is too complex to yet survive the process because of water crystallization and other factors. Another method of accelerating time is time differentials due to the relativistic effects of high velocity.

According to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, as an object approaches the speed of light one of the effects is time dilation. As a relativistic object’s speed increases the passage of time slows for it in relation to a non-moving object. Take for example a spacecraft traveling at 10% of the speed of light, or 18,628 miles per second. If this imaginary spacecraft maintained this speed consistently for 24 hours (according to our clocks back home), then at the end of that 24 hours only about 23 hours, 53 minutes would have passed onboard the spacecraft. Much higher speeds to within a fraction of a percent of the speed of light have to be achieved to get a really noticeable effect. Take that same spacecraft and accelerate it to .999999 light speed (or to 186,281.81 miles every second) and something really bizarre happens, achieving something more like time travel. If you take that spacecraft out on a joyride at that speed for 24 hours of your traveler’s time and return home, you will find that almost two years have past on Earth.

In actuality, this has been observed in experiments done when atomic clocks were sent on jetliners to observe the effects of time dilation. The difference was observed as predicted, helping to support Einstein’s theories. Naturally the difference was small, measured in nanoseconds. Unfortunately for any aspiring time travelers, the kind of speeds needed for relativistic effects are still well outside our technology. The fastest spacecraft yet launched were the Helios spacecraft sent to study the sun in the 70s. They achieved speeds of about 158,000mph, or about 44 miles per second; this is about .02% light-speed, still not close to relativistic speeds.

And what about the possibility of travel back in time?

This makes great material for science fiction, but the data here doesn’t seem promising. Physicists have been able to envision certain circumstances under which time travel MAY be allowable under the laws of physics, but the energy levels and exotic matter requirements seem to be well beyond anything we are likely to achieve anytime soon. Some have suggested that wormholes may be bridges to other universes, distant parts of this universe, or other times. Wormholes remain a theoretical concept, neither proven nor dis-proven to exist. It seems that for all practical purposes the universe has (at least temporarily) denied us the opportunity to revisit our past directly. So let us turn to a discussion of what the possibilities would be if time travel did exist.

First of all we must look at the fact put forward by modern physics that space and time are related aspects of the topology of our universe. In other words, our universe consists of the three observable dimensions of space and one of time. Putting together a theory that explains the existence of our universe required combining time and space into one continuum. Assuming this to be true, it follows that there should be a parallel measurement in space equivalent to measurements in time. It may seem nonsensical to talk of measuring space in seconds or time in miles, but the two are tied together through the speed of light. Therefore it follows that to convert one second of time into distance, we simply look at how far light travels in one second. That would be approximately 186,282 miles or three quarters the distance to the moon. This means that traveling one second back in time would be equivalent to traveling nearly the distance to the moon. Then there is the fact that a change in temporal position would mean having to adjust for the motion of the earth, sun and galaxy as they rotate and revolve. A lot harder than it looked, huh? Ok, let’s pretend we overcome this obstacle and achieve real, meaningful time travel. Could you go back in time and kill your grandfather early in his life, assuring that you will never be born? Time travel is full of paradoxes such as this. For the most part this can be overcome by incorporating quantum mechanics into the concept of time travel, and branching realities.

Quantum mechanics is a field of theory which developed in the first quarter of the twentieth century through the work of Niels Bohr, Pauli, Planck, Heisenberg, and Schrodinger. It’s basic tenets are that at a fundamental level matter exists as a cloud of uncertainty and probability. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle states that one cannot measure both the position and momentum of an elementary particle because the act of observation changes the outcome. In this branch of physics cause and effect is said to break down and one can only state the probability of something being true. The most famous example of what quantum mechanics means in the real world was given as a thought experiment by Erwin Schrodinger and is known as Schrodinger’s Cat. Here it follows:

A cat is placed in a sealed box. Attached to the box is an apparatus containing a radioactive nucleus and a canister of poison gas. This apparatus is separated from the cat in such a way that the cat can in no way interfere with it. The experiment is set up so that there is exactly a 50% chance of the nucleus decaying in one hour. If the nucleus decays, it will emit a particle that triggers the apparatus, which opens the canister and kills the cat. If the nucleus does not decay, then the cat remains alive. According to quantum mechanics the unobserved nucleus is described as a superposition (meaning it exists partly as each simultaneously) of “decayed nucleus” and “undecayed nucleus”. However, when the box is opened the experimenter sees only a “decayed nucleus/dead cat” or an “undecayed nucleus/living cat”.

The paradox of this experiment is that the cat is said to be both dead and alive until someone opens the box. (*No cats or animals of any kind were harmed in the writing of this article). This paradox can be resolved if we say that instead of both being true in one reality, that reality actually branches into two. In one universe the cat is alive and in the parallel universe it is dead. In this way our universe is constantly splitting into alternate universes in which every possibility is encompassed. This also solves the paradoxes of time travel. When our time traveler returns and makes changes in the past he would be creating an alternate universe without destroying the other. In this way, as he or she continued to make changes, our time traveler would never be able to return to their original timeline, although he could create one similar to it with the right changes. All of the possibilities and repercussions of a scenario such as this are spectacularly presented in the science fiction novel The Man Who Folded Himself, by David Gerrold.

In summary, time travel is a highly entertaining concept for science fiction, and actually holds some plausibility in certain concepts of modern physics. But as a practical application, it is not likely to become a part of our lives anytime soon. Of course, not being a time traveler myself, I cannot speak with certainty.

Time will tell.