How to Use Radionics + Quantum Physics = Health, Wealth, Love Part 1

The Age of Aquarius has given us the tools that not only allow us to understand the Creation of the Universe, but will also allow us to recreate our own Universe, our physical reality. We now have the knowledge and tools to attract more Health, Wealth and Love into our lives 24/7.

What is the Age of Aquarius?

The Age of Aquarius is the name we have given for the new space in the Galaxy we now occupy. Our Solar System orbits, CCW around our Galactic Sun, just as our Earth orbits CW around our Sun.

It takes our Earth one year to make this Orbit. It takes our Solar System, 24,000 years to make one orbit around the Galactic Sun.

We divide our orbit around our Sun into thirty degree slices or “arcs.” We have twelve of them representing the twelve Astrological months. We named them starting with Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc.

We did the same with our Galactic Sun. Only now each thirty degree arc lasts 2000 years not approximately thirty days.

We have just recently rotated into the thirty degree arc we call Aquarius. We still have 1950 more years to travel through this arc. We are now in the Age of Aquarius.

What are the Age of Aquarius Gifts to mankind? This new place in space has placed us in a new S.T.E.M. (Space, Time, Energy, Matter) continuum. We have new space, time energy and matter to use to create a better reality for mankind.

The tools are:

The Laws of Quantum Physics
The Science of Radionics
The Science of Orgone Generation
The Science of Mental Radionics
The Science of Photo Psychometry

These are just a few of the Gifts the Age of Aquarius has presented to us. We have 1950 more years to traverse this arc.

What wonders do we have in store for us? No more dis-ease; no more poverty; no more wars: interplanetary travel; extra terrestrial visitors?

There is an old axiom that says, “What ever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.”

Now with the Laws of Quantum Physics, each one of us can recreate our individual realities to attract more Health, Wealth, and Love into our lives Now.

The Laws of Quantum Physics

In simple easy to understand layman’s language ‘The Laws of Quantum Physics’ tell us:

There exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy we call the Quantum Ocean, It is also known as ‘The Mind of God.’

There is no time in the Quantum Ocean, no past, present nor future. There is only the ‘NOW’. There is no space in the Quantum Ocean only the ‘HERE.’ There fore everything that exists in our known Universes including you and I all exist in the ‘HERE NOW.’ This is the concept behind the ‘ONENESS’ philosophy of mankind.

The Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, responds to man’s thoughts. Our thoughts are things. And we use our thoughts to create our reality. We are where we are now because of all our previous thoughts.

We can change where we will be tomorrow by starting to change our thoughts. Have better thoughts and you create a better you and better future.

But it will not be instantaneous. It took time and thoughts to get where you are today. It will take time and thoughts to get where you want to be. No one can predict for themselves or for another the time it will take.

But what is the rush? The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us we continually ‘blink out’ (incarnate) and ‘blink in’ (die) into the Quantum Ocean. There is no permanent Death, only the in and out.

Part two will explain the concept of the Divine blueprints and Divine timing in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

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Time Travel Model of Quantum Mechanics

The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics is baffling, while the many-worlds interpretation is unrealistic. The time travel model attempts to provide a comprehensible explanation.

In this model we assume that the presence of a particle causes vibrations in the time coordinate of spacetime. The wave function may be identified with the amplitude of these temporal vibrations. The square of the wave function is proportional to the strength of these vibrations and gives the likelihood of finding a particle in the vicinity.

The time waves at present overlap the time waves of a moment ago, and so on, so that a particle becomes spread out over all the spacetime between the last interaction and all possible points of the next interaction. If a particle’s time coordinate is uncertain, its position and momentum are also uncertain.

When an interaction occurs, the particle is no longer available for time travel and the wave function collapses backward in time to the point of the last interaction. Since we cannot observe the past, the collapse appears instantaneous. The collapse is itself not observable, so nothing observable changes in the past.

The Schrodinger equation states that the frequency of temporal vibration is proportional to the energy. Its complex nature is a mathematical way of describing vibrations. The many-dimensional nature of the wave function is a consequence of the Hamiltonian formulation. There is no implication that the world is actually complex or many dimensional.

The relativity of simultaneity causes a uniform vibration to become a traveling wave when seen from a moving coordinate system, which is why the momentum is obtained by taking the spatial derivative of the wave function.

The antisymmetric Fermi statistics of the wave function under exchange of a pair of identical fermions is a way of stating that the particles cannot occupy the same space at the same time. If all fundamental particles are spin one-half rishon fermions, then the symmetric Bose statistics are simply obtained by exchanging rishons two pairs at a time.

Let us consider two classic examples. In the two-slit experiment, a particle may go through one slit, then back in time, then through the other slit. In the case of two quantum entangled particles, when one is observed, the wave function for that orientation collapses backward in time, leaving only the wave function for the opposite orientation.

If a time wave curved around into a circle much smaller than its wavelength, the entire whirl would appear to oscillate back and forth in time. The whirl could not dissipate due to conservation of energy and angular momentum, or other quantum numbers. We suggest that these whirls are in fact the rishons. It is also a law of nature that a rishon cannot disappear unless it meets its antirishon. This model explains how a particle can produce time waves: particles simply are trapped time waves.

The observed intrinsic spin of a rishon is far greater than what could be possessed by a small rotating mass. In our model, the internal rotational phase velocity of the time waves may be much greater than the speed of light, since no information is conveyed. This may explain how a rishon can have a large angular momentum but little mass. Since a rishon is a cloud of time waves, it would have eigenstates of angular momentum. When its angular momentum (or energy) is measured, one would always find it to be an eigenstate, in accord with general principles of quantum mechanics. This cannot be understood if a rishon is viewed as a point particle.

The V rishon may be the lowest possible energy state, while the T rishon may be the highest possible energy state, perhaps because the phase velocity has slowed down to the speed of light. Any slight instability would cause intermediate states to gain or lose energy and move toward one extreme or the other. This may explain why there are just two stable rishons, light and heavy. The bare mass may be much larger than the observed mass, due to renormalization. Unfortunately it is not known how to calculate this, so hard numbers cannot be given.

The large spin of a rishon eliminates the spherically symmetric S states, leaving the three P states to correspond with the three colors. The T rishon constantly emits and absorbs a cloud of V anti-V particles, corresponding with gluons and photons as the pair carries net color or not. The V rishon does not have enough mass to do this. The weak force arises from the transfer of a group of rishons, the W particle. Small temporal vibrations of a particle could be considered quantum gravity, which might help stabilize the particle. These vibrations might also cause a large-scale distortion of spacetime, similar to thermal expansion. We would perceive this distortion as classical gravity. The Planck equation simply states that this distortion, which we call gravity, mass, or energy is proportional to the frequency of a particle.

A rishon might have a polar temporal field caused by the circular motion of time waves, analogous to a magnetic field. Particles would be ejected preferentially along the direction of this field, because time flows in that direction, thus violating parity. The temporal field would be aligned with or against the direction of external time, corresponding to rishons or antirishons. Because of the time difference, the two would have slightly different reaction rates, producing an excess of hydrogen over antihydrogen, which have the same rishonic content. The photon and gluon are symmetric with respect to matter and antimatter, but the W is not, so only the weak force violates parity.

Time dilation and the relativity of simultaneity are features of special relativity, while in general relativity mass influences the flow of time and gravitational radiation consists in part of time waves. Therefore our concept of time waves has some precedent. Quantum mechanics and general relativity both describe disturbances of spacetime and together provide a complete picture. Everything can be explained as waves, whirls, or bends in spacetime.

When a particle interacts, it stops time-travelling into the past, because the coherence of the time waves is broken. The wave function collapses, or disappears, backward in time. It is as though the wave function never existed at all, so it vanishes instantaneously in all frames, in agreement with the fundamental principle of relativity, that there is no preferred frame.

In the rishon model, all neutral matter has equal amounts of T and anti-T rishons. Under sufficient pressure, theses would be forced together and annihilate, so matter would convert to photons or neutrinos and escape before a naked singularity could form, or in a big crunch.

The collapse of a wave function is an irreversible process, so quantum mechanics does not conserve information, in a black hole, or anywhere else. Gravity is a curvature of spacetime, so the need for gravitons is questionable.

In the rishon model, a photon consists of a V anti-V pair, so, like the neutrino, it might have a small rest mass.

If the wavelength of a rishon’s internal time wave is smaller than the rishon, the rishon would still oscillate in time, but in a more complicated way, perhaps giving rise to the effects associated with spin.

The P states mentioned above are conjectured to be states of intrinsic spin having spin one-half.

The photon and vector bosons have different masses because they are made of different rishons. Symmetry breaking is not needed.

Particles are disturbances in spacetime and according to general relativity would therefore have mass. The Higgs mechanism is not needed.

It would be of great interest to discover and study the equations which govern the structure of the rishons.