A Unified Theory of Time Travel

Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity suggests that time travel to the past is possible via rotating wormholes and/or black holes. The actual technical practicality of actually carrying out such journeys need not concern us since this essay is in the realm of the thought experiment. Now Stephen Hawking says time travel to the past is not possible because he proposes that there is such a thing as a yet undiscovered Chronology Protection Conjecture that prevents this and thus makes the world safe for historians. I’ve come up with a unified theory of time travel into the past that incorporates Einstein’s general theory of relativity; Hawking’s Chronology Protection Conjecture, along with other assorted bits like parallel universes that are thrown into the mix.

Time travel is a staple in sci-fi stories, novels, films and TV series. And, time travel is possible – in theory. We all know about journeying to the future which we do at the rate of one second per second whether we like it or not. Apart from that, if one travels at close to light speeds relative to your place of origin then you can travel to the distant future (with respect to that place of origin) without aging an equivalent number of years (the twin paradox). Travel to the past is apparently allowed too, via the weird physics inherent in rotating worm holes and maybe Black Holes which is where Einstein’s general theory of relativity comes into play. The problem there is that relativity theory predicts worm holes, if they exist at all, will exist for nanoseconds and be very tiny to boot, and thus not very useful in the foreseeable future for the purposes of time travel. Because we don’t know exactly what the inside of a Black Hole is, and where it leads, if anywhere, current thinking suggests that jumping into Black Holes are a more useful means for committing suicide than for traveling to the past, but the jury is still out on that one.

Anyway, the fun bit about time travel is the various paradoxes that arise, the most famous one being the grandfather paradox. That is, what if you travel back in time and kill your grandfather before he sired your father (or mother). If you did that it means that you could never have been born, but if you were never born you couldn’t go back in time to kill your ancestor. This is the sort of stuff sci-fi authors (and philosophers) love – ditto physicists! My favorite time travel paradox however is the one where you get something for nothing. Say you have this edition of “Hamlet”, and you want Shakespeare to autograph it. So back you go in time to Shakespeare’s era. You knock on his door, but the housekeeper says he’s out for the day but if you leave the book he’ll autograph it and you can come by and collect it next morning. When Shakespeare comes home, he sees the book, reads it, and is so impressed he spends the night making a copy. You come back the next morning, collect your now autographed edition of “Hamlet”, and return to the present day with your now very valuable book. The question now becomes, where did the original “Hamlet” come from? You didn’t write it; but Shakespeare didn’t either as he plagiarized your copy which he then passed it off as his own work.

Another favorite is you meeting yourself. Say you’re 50 and not all that well off. You get the brilliant idea to travel back in time and convince your younger self to invest in some stocks you know will pay off big time later on down the track. And so it comes to pass that your younger self so invests, and becomes filthy rich, only, in leading such a high life, dies of a heart attack at the age of 45! Or you always regretted not proposing to the love of your life when you were young, and thus go back and convince your younger self to muster up the courage and do so. He does, but as they fly off on their honeymoon, the plane crashes with no survivors. Sometimes you don’t know when you’re well off.

Or if you can travel back in time, then of course others can to. Naturally there’s going to be lots of people interested in particular events, maybe even at the time, seemingly trivial events (yet which turn out in the long run to have had major impact(s)). And so you might have any number of people going back to particular historical focal points, each with their own particular agenda (most of which will be mutually exclusive), and ultimately causing havoc. I mean if person one goes back and influences an event producing a new outcome, then person two might go back and has a go at that result and things get altered again, which will then prompt person three to go back and influence things more to his liking, etc. In other words, history would never be fixed, rather always be fluid. The world is not safe for historians. Since we believe that history (or the past) is fixed, then that what’s written on your history book page today will not alter overnight. Thus, you have probably concluded that time travel cannot happen, will not happen, and has not happened, however much you yourself might wish to go back in time yourself and change something. (Don’t we all really wish some past something, personal and trivial, or perhaps something of major significance could be changed and you’d be that instrument of change?)

Its paradoxes and situations such as the above that prompted Stephen Hawking to postulate that there is as yet an undiscovered law or principle of physics which prohibits time travel to the past – he calls it his ‘Chronology Projection Conjecture’. Since we have never seen, according to Hawking, to the best of our knowledge at least, any time travelers – tourists or historians – from our future, he’s probably right.

So, putting it all together, here’s my theory of time travel: my unified theory of time travel, at least to the past.

Relativity theory has passed every experimental test thrown at it, so the theory isn’t in much doubt and one can have a high degree of confidence in what it predicts, even if that prediction is currently beyond any experimental test. Relativity theory allows for time travel into the past, but, IMHO, only to parallel universes (otherwise known as alternative or mirror or shadow universes) where no paradoxes can happen.

Why only parallel universes? The ways and means by which you can use relativity theory to time travel backwards involves rotating Black Holes or wormholes. There are serious reasons behind the speculation that what’s on the other side of a Black Hole and/or wormhole is another universe. So, therefore it’s relativity’s time travel allowance, but probably to another universe. The Black Hole or wormhole ‘exit’ isn’t within our Universe.

Whatever you do in that parallel universe is predetermined. It’s fate. It’s destiny – all because causality rules. Therefore, there are no unexpected ripple effects other than what was destined to happen. You were meant to be there and do what you do. Therefore, there will be no paradoxes arising.

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has proposed his Chronology Protection Conjecture that prohibits time travel to the past within your own universe because of the possible paradoxes that could arise. Why can’t you go back in time in your own universe? That would mean that at a specific time and place you both were not (originally) and were (as a result of going back) present. That’s a paradox. And if you were to travel back in time to a set of time and space coordinates you were actually originally at, then there would be two copies of you occupying the same space at the same time – also a paradox.

But take the grandfather paradox. If you go back in time and kill your grandfather, but your grandfather in a parallel universe, then you don’t prevent your existence, just the eventual existence of yourself, your other self, in that parallel universe. In the case of Shakespeare and “Hamlet”, you gave your copy to a parallel universe Shakespeare. In your original (our) Universe, Shakespeare is still the legitimate author.

Once you time travel from your universe A, to parallel universe B, you can’t return again to universe A because of Hawking’s Chronology Protection Conjecture – paradoxes could arise. However, you could go from parallel universe B to parallel universe C, but, hence never return to either universe A or B – Hawking’s Chronology Protection Conjecture again.

Perhaps some people you’ve seen or known or heard about might be time travelers from a parallel universe’s future. If they then time travel to another parallel universe, then that might account for some missing persons’ cases!

In short, we can time travel to other parallel universes but not to our own; entities from other parallel universes can visit our Universe. No paradoxes need arise. Both Einstein (relativity) and Hawking (Chronology Protection Conjecture) are satisfied and happy campers.

Is that right? No, it’s wrong!

There’s still one very nasty loose end here. What’s to prevent those from a parallel universe meddling and altering our time stream? It’s not enough for them to have a Prime Directive against that – we all know Prime Directives are meant to be broken! So, it looks like Hawking’s Chronology Protection Conjecture must apply to those visitors from parallel universes to our Universe as well. I mean what difference does it make to your existence whether you travel back in time within your own universe and kill your mother before you were conceived, or some serial killer escaping from a parallel universe to our Universe who kills your mother before you were conceived – even though in the latter case there’s no paradox, you still wouldn’t have been conceived of here in anyone’s philosophy!

OK, so relativity allows time travel back in time, but only to parallel universes. The Hawking Chronology Protection Conjecture not only prevents time travel paradoxes in general, but it also prevents parallel universe time travelers meddling and altering our timeline; ditto we humans time traveling to someone else’s parallel universe. But how would the Hawking Chronology Protection Conjecture actually accomplish this? My best guess is that parallel universes aren’t in phase – they aren’t polarized or synchronized in-phase like a laser beam, or the light that passes through your polarized sunglasses – otherwise we’d have some rather hard evidence of them; certainly way more than we do now.

So, if we go to parallel universe B or those from parallel universe B visits us, we’ll, or they’d be respectively out of phase with respect to the universe they are now in. Translated, they, or we, could look, but not touch for all practical purposes. I say for all practical purposes as now and again what’s out of phase (high probability – the usual state of affairs) will sync into phase (that’s rare). But the in-phase times are so few and far between, and last for such a brief duration that it’s unlikely to result in any inadvertent or deliberate timeline alterations. That’s my rendering of the Hawking Chronology Protection Conjecture – he could well have other ways and means in mind.

So another way of putting this is that time travelers would be spectral or ghostlike in their host universe, and maybe that’s where our traditions of ghosts and other things that go bump in the night come from! This is much like the parallel universe ghost or shadow photons that are conjectured to explain some highly mysterious aspects or phenomena contained within the famous quantum double slit* experiment. Now an obvious question is how do all the parallel universe ghost photons get into our physics labs where double slit experiments are carried out? I mean there are no local macro Black Hole or wormhole exits present – are there? Yes in fact there are! Not a macro wormhole, but a micro wormhole – actually wormholes. Theoretically, micro wormholes should exist all around you. It’s just that they are at quantum levels – incredible tiny; way subatomic in size. And they exist for just nanoseconds before collapsing. They are just part of the quantum foam** reality at super microscopic levels, a reality at the level where all things exhibit the quantum jitters or quantum fluctuations. Thus, every second of every day, everywhere, there are little quantum gateways – quantum sized wormholes connections between universes which quantum sized particles – like photons – can traverse! From the standpoint of the double slit experiment, it doesn’t matter whether the parallel universe’s ghost photons came from the past, future or present – just as long as they are, indeed, present!

Now you may think it would be easy to detect these ghostly photons. Just put a photon detector in a totally dark and sealed room. Well, not quite so easy. Some photons can pass through ‘solid’ matter. X-Ray photons anyone? Radio wave photons pass through the walls of your home. If you look at a bright light, you’ll still see light even if you close your eyes. So, your photon detector in your dark and sealed room could easily detect our local variety.

The ghostly bits aside, parallel universe time travelers (or even ordinary time travelers from within our Universe assuming Hawking is wrong)) might explain the sometimes uncanny, often incredible look-a-likes that we all seem to have. A long shot to be sure, but something interesting to ponder.

There’s still one more problem on the horizon. Just because a macro Black Hole or wormhole plunks you into a parallel universe (and of course you’ve got to be able to survive the trip itself which might be problematical), doesn’t mean you’re going to be with spitting distance of your ultimate destination(s) – say a parallel Earth(s). So, time travelers might also need more conventional transport – like Flying Saucers (okay, forget the saucers – like spaceships with fins and rocket motors). But then what’s really there to distinguish a visiting time traveler from a parallel universe from say a run-of-the-mill extraterrestrial from within our own Universe? Maybe you could just put out the welcome mat for both options!

One final thought. Could there be a Clayton’s time travel? – Time travel without traveling in time? At the risk of making Einstein turn over in his grave; I’m going to propose a universal NOW across all universes. Now I know that NOW, when it comes to observers, is a relative thing. An observer in Martian orbit sees Mars’ NOW somewhat before you on Planet Earth sees the same Mars’ NOW because the speed of light is finite. And relative motions and velocities complicate what is NOW. But, I propose (a thought experiment remember) to instantaneously freeze-frame the entire collection of universes’ NOW. Everyone and everything everywhere comes to an instant standstill. Right! We now have a universal NOW that we can study at our leisure (the freeze doesn’t apply to you and me – we’re outside the space-time continuum).

Let’s focus on that subset of all parallel universes – all parallel Earths and time travel between them. Now there’s no reason to assume that all parallel Earths are identical in all aspects. Indeed, some parallel universes may not even contain a parallel Earth! There maybe some parallel Earths identical or so close to identical to our Planet Earth as makes no odds – abodes you’d feel right at home in. Other Earths would differ in various ways, some minor, some major. Still others might be really weird and alien, as in having evolved a dinosaur society, civilization and technology. There was no parallel asteroid impact 65 million years ago; thus no human beings around the traps 65 millions later.

Your subset of parallel Earths would show near infinite diversity in infinite combinations. I say ‘near’ because you can only stretch the term ‘Earth’ or ‘Earth-like’ so far and no farther, before it’s not Earth or Earth-like. A 100% oceanic world is not Earth. If a parallel ‘Earth’ has Venus-like temperatures, it is not Earth-like. If it has a density approaching that of a neutron star, it is not Earth-like. If it has no life on it, even though in all other respects it is a near carbon copy of our Earth, it is not Earth-like.

Now it’s back to the NOW subset of parallel Earths and Earth-like abodes. There’s no reason to assume that evolutionary development; that evolutionary development rates would proceed in each and every case in an identical fashion. Some parallel Earths would still be in the dinosaur era (if they had dinosaurs of course). In some parallel Earths, cavemen and saber tooth tigers rule. In others, it’s Biblical times, or Medieval times or the era when Britannia ruled the waves. Others in our absolute NOW, on yet other parallel Earths, or parallel earthlings, might have just invented the wireless or landed on their Moon (if they have one). On some parallel Earths it may already be what to us will be the 23rd or 24th Century with interstellar warp drive capabilities at hand – and even way beyond that. So, you could seemingly travel to the past and future while actually remaining in our NOW. You’ve traveled in time without really traveling in time, or, time travel without the paradoxes – but maybe that spoils all the intellectual fun of contemplating time travel in the first place!

*The problem solved here is how can you get a classic wave interference pattern behind two slits you fire photons through; even when you fire the photons at say a rate of one per hour? Who you gonna call – ghost photons of course to the rescue.

**Quantum foam – the world may look pretty smooth from a distance, but as you keep magnifying the finer details, the micro world gets ever so slightly bumpier. Close in some more and things get rougher still, until at quantum level everything is a seething cauldron of tumultuous activity. It’s like the sea that looks perfectly smooth and tranquil from Earth orbit, but at rowboat level, you’re terrified as that 50 foot wave comes crashing down on you.

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Time Travelling – It’s Time To Go For The Ride Of Your Life

Do you feel like you’re not fully on track?

Are you uncertain about your future and purpose?

Does ‘Cloud Atlas’ make sense to you?

Would it help to plug in to the power you really have?

Then read on… It’s time we started talking about the significance of this 2012 year now.

In case you were concerned, the world will not end in 2012. No catastrophe is planned or needs to be avoided. The earth is stable and capable.

Instead, it’s been said that the earth will expand, thereby ascending, on December 12th, 2012 or 12-12-12. Then, over the next 10 days, a rebirth of consciousness occurs, culminating on 12-21-12.

Visionaries call this time in history the entry point into the universal underworld of conscious evolution and revolution.* Others call it the collective rebirth, and equate 12-12-12 with the 12 strands in our DNA. In this amazing time of newfound cosmic awareness, the connectivity of these DNA strands can become fully activated, as the human race expands their collective consciousness.

What’s required to become more multidimensional?

There will, obviously, still be 3-dimensional duality on the planet, and most of the population will undoubtedly still represent themselves as 3-dimensional beings, but your ability to access your multidimensional self will be magnificently enhanced.

The transition from 3-dimensional to multidimensional systems of reality is made on the higher self plane. But first, your little human needs to take power by understanding the repercussions of your thoughts and emotions.

Let me back up.

Most of you know that time and space are illusions, yet this belief is stubbornly held onto by 3-dimensional beings. They experience only what they see, and they fear what they cannot see. Their linear focus becomes their perception, which then blocks out their ability to become multidimensional.

As human beings, this ‘physical reality only’ perspective has been necessary up till now, in that it allowed you to create human experiences and growth. However, as the growth expands, so does the need for a more expansive multidimensional approach. This significant year is all about that expansion. And the first thing that needs to expand is your perspective of time and space.

So you question time and space. Analyze them. Attempt to measure them with your 3-dimensional tools. And you wind up puzzled. Regroup.

Okay, you know you travel in space and time during much of your sleeping periods. That’s a start. Let’s expand on that.

Beyond linear space and time

Because space and time interface and actually flow through each other, when your perception (during sleep) is no longer limited to the 3-dimensional physical reality, you co-exist in your past, present and future, as a reflection of a multidimensional reality. The separation of even your lifetimes is null and void, for those distinctions exist only in the 3-dimensional belief system.

With me so far?

We have created quantum consciousness because classic mechanics cannot fully explain consciousness. And what we know from quantum consciousness is that lifetimes are not predestined. The choices are yours. You have the ability to live beyond your basic physical 3-dimensional programming. You are the maker of reality. And deep inside you have the innate desire to do so.

3-dimensional reality time is only a created illusion, a limited linear perception of the unfolding of time. But all realities are in flux. What is real at one level of consciousness is unreal at another. Time exists as a series of electromagnetic codes that are in constant action, continued movement. And this is where it gets fascinating. The future AND the past are both, therefore, malleable.


Your thoughts and beliefs are creating your past as equally as they are creating your future. There are as many versions of your past as versions of your future. (Just ask different witnesses to an accident and you’ll hear how perspective creates reality. And ask them right after they witnessed the accident, a month later, and a year later. Again, perspective shifts.)

It makes sense to the linear mind that actions today will change the future. The extension of the time and space mechanism is that current actions also change the past. And that awareness is being more obviously activated during this evolutionary time of expanded consciousness.

Time Travelling

In the multidimensional experience, you have the ability to script your future and even to re-script what you think of as your past. These expanded realities are not experienced in the physical brain, but rather in higher multidimensionality – the higher self, higher mind, higher heart. The experiences are none the less vivid and sensational, as they allow you to live in the perceived time of today, while also living your other existences all at once.

Time travel happens to everyone in dream state. It’s the precursor to how it is experienced in lucid expansive conscious states. To evoke the dream state, we first use the measured understandings of brainwave levels. But that’s where hypnosis and hypnotherapy leave off. Deep multidimensional meditation enters the realms of quantum consciousness, accessing the stages necessary for true expanded awareness.

Once in deep multidimensional meditation, the quantum physics of mass energy projection are clear: you can ‘see’ that which you are creating in both your past and your future. If you do not want the outcome of that creation, due to extreme emotion or fear, then this is where change begins.

I know you know that your beliefs materialize your physical and environmental experiences. Beliefs begin thoughts which then extend to emotions and then ripple out into action and/or physical manifestation. Your beliefs result in your behaviour. Time traveling to the source of the belief gives you greater understanding and new choice of belief, which therefore shifts the entire network of repercussions.

Because the past, present and future exist simultaneously, there is no reason why you cannot alter an event that is within your control. You have the ability to remove trauma, anxiety and other fear based over-charged emotions that have rippled out into the rest of your life.

If those emotions have that much charge of energy, changing those emotions has an equally dynamic effect. In fact, the very power you exert in entering into quantum consciousness with someone such as myself, already begins the shift.

You chose the original emotional reaction, partially, so you could take power over it in another experience. A multidimensional experience. The choice for you, with your emotional reaction, is to lay down and feel victimized or passive or in some way powerless, OR to exert your greater sense of creator to take hold of the situation to evoke change.

All experiences have the purpose of showing you what can occur if you do not consciously create your own reality by whatever powers you can. Your ability to time travel – to become unfixed in time and navigate within it – serves your healing experience on multiple levels: physical yes, but integral as well.

Change is change, wherever it begins and however it plays out. And change is meaningless unless you give it value. You may change before, during or after what has seemingly occurred or is seemingly yet to occur. Time is a constant metamorphosis. When you consciously look at your past with your thoughts and memories, it is rarely what you remember it to be. And that’s just in this lifetime. When you navigate to other lifetimes you are like an explorer, discovering what you never knew existed. When you discover the source of the beliefs that have rippled out into your current experience of life, you can evolve them on the spot. In actuality. Not probability. The changes are real, and because of that, they affect everything else in your world.

As a multidimensional being, most of your challenges actually source themselves to the belief that you lack the ability to create your future and change your past. That you are stuck. But by expanding your perspective, through time travelling, on when, why and how that belief was created, the ripple effect that occurs adjusts your frequency to living your full multidimensional self as a human being on the planet today. The process is that awesome.

*Some of the 2012 prophecies from around the world:

Hopi – 25 years of purification, then the end of the 4th world, and beginning of the 5th.

Mayan – call it the ‘end days’, or the end of time as we know it.

Maori – as veils dissolve, a merging of the physical & spiritual worlds occur.

Zulu – believe that the whole world will be turned upside down.

Hindu – the coming of Kalki & critical mass of Enlightened Ones

Inca – call it the ‘age of meeting ourselves again’.

Aztec – the time of the Sixth Sun, of transformation, of the creation of a new race.

Pueblo – the emergence into the 5th world.

Cherokee – their ancient calendar ends exactly at 2012 (as does the Mayan).

Tibetan – coming of the Golden Age.

Egypt – great pyramid (stone calendar) time cycle ends in 2012.

and on and on…

Shifting Into Quantum Energy

Talk, talk, and more talk about quantum energy. It is everywhere. How do we make the shift into that energy? In the case of the ancient tribes that exist today as they did hundreds of years ago, they only had to be willing to travel outside their comfort zone or geographic area and they would join our ‘modern’ world.

But what about the rest of us, how do we make the shift? We don’t have any memory of ever making a shift from one dimension to another at a higher vibration; although it is highly likely that many of us have done so in past lives. How do we accomplish this?

It really is that simple. If there were only two things I could share about moving into quantum energy, I would limit it to pay attention and stay aware. Things have begun happening around you already.

Personally, about a year ago I was in a situation that really required clarification or things could have continued to decline rapidly. In utter frustration, I sat down one night and began talking to my higher self. I asked that I be shown what I need to know about the situation. Simply the request to, ‘Show me what I need to know;’ that is all that was required.

I went to sleep and had what at first appeared to be a dream. I was riding in the back seat of my daughter-in-laws car. I watched as she talked on her cell phone and drove the familiar route to a Dunkin Donut shop. She appeared to be oblivious to my presence.

She walked in and sat down to a meeting that was about me. I stood and watched and listened and wondered why these people would say the things they were saying while I was standing there listening. None of the people acknowledged me.

As I listened to the conversation I was able to hear the details and to see firsthand who was involved in the issue I had asked about. I was shown ‘what I needed to know,’ to hear their words and their plans.

When I woke up I realized that she had left her home, where I was visiting, on Saturday morning wearing the same clothes she had on in the ‘dream.’ And this, dear ones, is time travel. Both past and future; it has happened to me many times since by simply asking the same question, ‘Show me what I need to know.’ As we get more comfortable in the new energy, we will not need to go to sleep to get the information; for now, we are resistant while awake. Dream time is like using training wheels on a bicycle until we can accept and adapt to the changes.

It will work for all of us; it is quantum communication with your higher self, and far better and more reliable than a psychic or a card reading. Just like the ancient tribes who continue to exist oblivious to a world of high tech and global communications; if you want to experience the new energy and take advantage of all that it offers to you, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and be aware.

In the dense 3D energy, many of us were able to use astral projection to gain information we needed. For me, the defining difference was this; in astral projection I was always above the scene, hovering above and yet able to see and learn. In time travel, you are in the scene, same level as the participants and one hundred percent of the things they see or hear, you will see or hear. It is magnificent!

I began ‘talking’ to my innate; that body of energy that surrounds you and intuitively picks up things long before your physical body becomes aware. It is the ‘smart body’ that senses danger, knows when someone has entered a room or anything else that pertains to you and your well being. I wanted to establish communication and see what directions I could get to achieve some healing issues I was working on.

Just a few weeks after the event with my daughter-in-law I acquired a very serious lung infection. My lungs were already compromised, making this even more serious than it might be for most people.

I had already made two trips to the doctor and seemed to be growing worse daily. My family was growing more and more concerned, many voicing the fear that I would not survive this time.

I spoke each night to my higher self; I had already openly made the statement that I wanted to grab the hand of that part of myself and never let go; we were going to exist in sister energy. I asked for guidance to recover.

That night I had a dream. I seemed to be hiding in someone’s home with my little dog. It was dark there.

A woman who resembled me with much darker skin came into the area where we were hiding. Everything around her was dark. We were caught! She told me she needed ’30 more to stay,’ and that I could stay as well if I could give her 30. She went to the window and opened it wide, placing a string of lights around it making it impossible for me not to see what she had done. I use oxygen at night so I do have some experience with the required level of oxygen to survive.

It was very clear to everyone that I was extraordinarily challenged with oxygen levels while the lung infection had been growing worse. It takes a minimum level of 30 to survive; for the body to continue living.

There is no doubt in my mind that I was communicating with the innate; the part of us that protects and heals and guides us instinctively. The message was very clear; if I could ensure an oxygen level of 30, I could remain in this physical body and in this lifetime. The innate would take care of the healing; my part was to provide enough ‘air’ to allow the healing to happen, to sustain life.

I paid particular attention to oxygen during the daytime as well as at night. The following morning I made a recovery that was nothing short of miraculous!

By being aware and willing to make the effort to actually talk to my DNA and to request the innate to do everything possible to recover, along with insisting that I have a constant communication with my higher self, holding hands, many of the quantum attributes available have opened. It has been amazing!

This is not a personal story. This is true for everyone who is willing to commit to making the effort and believing in something that is new and magical. Your world has changed. Your DNA knows it, your innate knows it, your subconscious knows it… isn’t it about time you spoke to them directly so you can know it and use it to your benefit?

Perhaps now you can see the correlation to the ancient tribes; it is as simple for us to tap into and use the new things available to us in quantum energy as it is for them to accept that there has been tremendous progress in the world around them. They only had to leave their comfort zone and believe what they could see before their own eyes! And so do you.