Crystal Orgone Ond Generator How To Use It Combined With the Laws Of Quantum Physics Improve Life

Attract health/wealth and happiness using the combination of Quantum Physics and Orgone Technology.

Quantum Physics tells us we create our own reality by what we think. Our thoughts create our future. If we want health/wealth and happiness then we must think this way. Problem is we cannot keep these thoughts active in our minds for any length of time.

We can use the science of orgone generators to keep our thoughts constantly alive in the Quantum Ocean till they manifest in our lives.

Such a device is the Ond Orgone Generator. This powerful orgone generator has 5 DT crystals in its base.

Free your home from all negative vibrations. This will help you attract wealth. Clear your mind of interfering and disruptive vibrations from cell phones, ELF towers and TV and computer radiations. This will help you find peace of mind, and bring the emotional frequencies of your body in line with nature.

The Ond Orgone Device generates life force, it is a simple radionics device.

A radionics device causes a direct transfer of life force from the infinite universal storehouse, now known as the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God.) This life force is then modulated (shaped) through a treatment (symbol, radionics setting, photo,etc) to a target — YOU.

Life force has many names Prana, Chi, Mana, Ond, Odic, Animal Magentism, etc.


The movement of two fields of life force relative to each other generates additional LIFE FORCE. This is very similar to moving two pieces of copper wire through a magnetic field — electrcity is generated. The Ond Orgone Device uses proportional amounts of COPPER BB’S and NON-METALIC RESIN. One attracts Life Force. The other repels it.

This PUSH – PULL of life force fields generates additional life force. The embedded CRYSTAL wrapped in a COPPER COIL sets up a pulse generator which sets up a Harmonic Earth Resonant Frequency.

The CONIC PYRAMID, a sacred geometrical form, provides the space (matrix) for the intereaction of the life force fields. It also modulates the outgoing waves. A person standing close to the Ond Orgone Device will draw this life force into their aura. A STRUCTURAL LINK of a person (hair, blood or photo) will also draw this life force. All harmful EMF vibrations near the Ond Orgone Generator will transmuted into good life force.


Electricity, magnetism, gravitation, elf waves, cell phones, radioactivity, etc, are all invisible energies on the physical plane of existence. They all give off vibrations. Some of these man made vibrations are harmful to humans. Wilhelm Reich called them DOR (deadly orgone). The strength of these EMF forces diminishes with the square of the distance traveled. Life force is also invisible, but on a higher plane. It is not man made and can even be directed mentally. The great shamans, medicine men and healers of all times used their minds to send life force to heal and maim. Many sensitive people can feel this force.

This life force does not travel through 3-dimensional space as EMF waves do. It moves through hyper-space via STRUCTURAL LINKS. The more exact the link the stronger the flow of life force.


If life force is applied to a strand of your hand, via a Radionic device, the life force will enter you no matter what the distance. It is the simularity of structures that dictates the transfer of life force not physical distance. Since your hair (DNA) is a similar structure to your body (DNA) the life force transfers easily. HEALING begins, WEALTH starts moving to you, HAPPINESS starts from within.


MAGIC down through the ages is no more than the projection of life force focused by the human mind. Magicians, shamans, healers all had the will power of concentrated mental powers to sustain these magical processes. We today do not have that discipline, we need help.

The Ond Orgone Device is a simple radionics device and will allow us all to be modern day magicians. It will supply concentrated life force . We need only supply the healing symbols and the target.


Life force is generated when you interact two Life Force fields. The Ond Orgone Device will provide one force field, the DOR or the EMF waves of powerlines, cell phones, computers, TV sets. ELF towers, entering your home will act like the second field. The interaction of these two fields will generate additional good life force .

In addition the DOR field will be absorbed by the Orgone Device. The action will be very similar to how an air cleaner in your home works. It is also similar to the way a tree takes in bad air and gives off good air.

The Orgone Generator will function as a simple radionics device where you can attract to yourself health, wealth and happiness by using the correct symbols. I prefer to use the runes. And It will also help clear your home from harmful DOR waves.


Wilhelm Reich demonstrated that the combination of organic materials (plastic resin, soil, wood, cotton, etc) and a metallic material creates a matrix which attracts and captures Orgone energy. (LIFE-FORCE)

When you add a ‘Crystal’ to the combination, because of the inherent nature of the crystal, you can now program your Ond Orgone Device. You can mentally program the crystal to direct the orgone energy towards a certain task, goal or desire. The Ond Orgone Device is a simple radionics device. Radionic devices create orgone energy and send it to a target. The Conic Pyramid shape (sacred geometrical solid) provides a Woking Matrix (field) for the Ond Orgone Generator to suck into it ‘DOR’ (deadly orgone energy) and transmute it to positive orgone energy.


Since everything we see on the physical plane was first in the Quantum Ocean or Mind Of God (nature), or was created by Man’s Mind, we can use the power of your mind, your mental powers to augment the operational process of our Ond Orgone Generator. (What one man can do another can do!)

Charging or programming your Orgone Generator with your mental powers, towards a specific goal:

Hold the Orgone Device in both hands in front of your Solar Plexus. You can be seated or standing. Take a deep breath and inhale through the top of your head (pituitary gland) Breathe in this Universal Healing Creative Energy.

Try it this way:

With the Orgone Generator in your hands, breathe in spirals of white sparkling creative healing light from the Sun. Remember even if it is night time where you are, the Sun is shining somewhere. And for our purposes the sun is the highest source of creative, healing energy we need to Co-Create our goals and influence our reality. Breathe in this shining, spiraling energy and say mentally to yourself:


With eyes closed, hold this powerful energy within you. Then very slowly, as you exhale, pour this energy out of you through your Third Eye (Pineal Gland in middle of your forehead). Mentally pour it into the crystal within the Ond Orgone Device that you are holding between your hands. You will now be programming your Orgone Generator with the power of your will and mental energies. You will start to Co-Create what you want and desire into your life.





OR :



Remember the whole universe vibrates and pulses with many rhythms. By breathing in healing, creative orgone in through the top of your head (pituitary gland) and out the front of your head (peneal gland) you are tuning into the creative enegies of the universe. In -out, In -out, In -out. Born -die, born – die, born die. You are bringing in unmanifested pure creative energy from its highest level and using it to create on the physical plane, the lowest level. Allergorically speaking you are bringing heaven down to Earth! Since the crystal is many-fawceted you can program many mental thoughts into it. You can use symbols (Runes, Astrological Signs, etc) treatments (homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies, colors etc) to help you define your goals more precisely.


Program your Orgone Device with the power of your Will and Mind. Man is much, much more than a physical body. He is an Immortal Soul that lives within the confines of a physical body to experience earthly life. He is not a physical body that has a soul. He is a soul that has built a physical body. He was given by the Creator (God, Grand Architecht of the Universe, the power to Co-Create his own reality and destiny to some degree.

Wake up your powers now! Too long the powers of your pituitary and pineal glands have been dormant. They are god given tools which will help you Co-Create. The function of the Pituitary Gland which sits on the top of your head is to bring into your personal reality, higher creative forces. To help you to commune with beings in higher levels of consciousness. To bring you wisdom, which is as far superior to knowledge as calculus is to arithmatic. The function of the Pineal Gland, which is located in the center of your forehead, is to help you direct these higher forces into your personal physical reality and allow you to Co-Create.

Once you awaken these dormant glands you will experience a synapse. This synapse is a spark that will connect your pituitary to your pineal glands. This will not be a physical connection but a higher dimensional connection.. This connection is known as Cosmic Consciousness. It is within you not without (the Kingdom of Heaven is within!). You will bring creative energy down and send it out.


How long does it take using the Orgone device and your Pineal-Pituitary Circuit to manifest into your life what you desire? How thick is the wall of negative programming within yourself? What programming have you allowed inside of you? Programming thatl stops riches, abundance, health and happiness from vibrating into your life?

No matter how thick this wall is, the power of your Ond-Orgone Generator and your Pineal-Pituitary circuit will slowly, surely and steadily bore a hole through it. Much like a miner deep in the earth bores a hole through the thick rock to get at the GOLD. The gold is there, it exists. Your health, wealth and abundance are there. They exists in the Divine Blueprint which is the plan for your life. Happiness, health and wealth are gifts from the Creator God. They are your legacy. The blueprint for a giant oak tree resides within the little acorn, and all it has to do is grow into it. You too have a divine blueprint and with the help of your Ond Orgone generator and these simple instructions you can grow into your happier future.

Again a Warning !!! As you use your new Co-Creating Powers remember: “There are a million things you can have and a million things that you cannot have”


Some Thoughts About Quantum Physics!

Sometimes you have a new thought, an idea, or eureka moment, but it’s not gutsy enough to expand into a reasonable length article or essay. So, here’s another potpourri of thoughts dealing with quantum physics and related, too good not to record, but with not enough meat available to flesh out. People reading this will hopefully be somewhat familiar with the terms and jargon used. If not, well that’s why dictionaries exist!

The Double-Slit Experiment

Of course you know all about the paradox with the Double-Slit Experiment. Say you rapid-fire actual particles (i.e. – Carbon-60 Bucky-Balls*) as your ammo. If one slit is open, you get particle behaviour (as expected). If two slits are open, you get wave behaviour (that’s weird). If Bucky-Ball particles are fired at both slits one at a time (i.e. – one passes through the slits before the next is fired) you get wave behaviour (that’s crazy). Now bring in the observer. If an observer looks to see which slit of the two slits the one-at-a-time Bucky-Ball particle actually goes through, at the time it goes through, you get particle behaviour (which contradicts the previous results). If an observer looks to see which slit of two slits the Bucky-Ball particles go through AFTER the particles go through, you again get particle behaviour (contradicting the previous results). That’s totally crazy, since how can the Bucky-Ball particles change behaviour from wave to particle AFTER they have already passed and gone through the slits?

If a particle were at the core in essence a wave, you should always get wave behaviour in the Double-Slit Experiment and that’s clearly not the case. Something is screwy somewhere! If I were a quantum physicist, methinks I’d end up being an alcoholic quantum physicist! It’s enough to drive you to seriously drink.

*Otherwise more formally known as Buckminsterfullerene.

More About the Double-Slit Experiment

Ah, the $64,000 question! One photon, or electron, or Bucky-Ball or whatever, that is faced with an either/or choice when approaching two side-by-side slits, exhibits a dual personality and goes through both thus resulting in a classic wave interference pattern. That of course is Twilight Zone physics. Of course if Richard Feynman didn’t understand this, I’m not sure I should be expected to either, but here goes a few possibilities.

The first is that perhaps there might be leakage of photons, etc. through micro-wormholes from parallel universes such that while the experimenter thinks there is just one photon in the picture, there actually isn’t. Okay, thumbs down.

The second is what happens in the delayed double-slit experiment? Well apparently if one allows the single photon or electron or Bucky-Ball or whatever to pass through the double-slits, but then pulls a swiftly and removes the broad screen detector revealing instead two detectors that are aligned with each of the two slits, then one or the other detector will detect the photon, etc. each and every time. In other words, after the photon, etc. passed through the double-slits, it somehow realised the gig was up and changed its mind and thus passed through just one of the two slits. How is this explained? Either the photon, etc. has awareness and a limited amount of free will (panpsychism), or else it time travels back into the past to the starting point and hence travels through one or the other slit. Harking back to the standard double-slit experiment with a both slits open scenario, the photon, etc. passes through one slit, then doubles back (in time) and then passes through the other slit. You have just crossed over into “The Twilight Zone”.

Thirdly, and probably the traditional explanation, is that at point of emission and detection the photon or electron or Bucky-Ball is a particle, but in-between its alpha and omega it is a wave. That is of course unless there is only the single-slit option open when the wave fails to manifest itself which again implies consciousness or awareness on the part of the photon, etc. It knows in advance whether or not one or both slits are open and shape-shifts accordingly. IMHO that’s also nuts.

Fourthly, it is all a computer simulation. Be it Hollywood special effects, or software programming, the required illusion or paradox can be easily achieved. I’ve gone on record as saying that the anomalies that are part and parcel of quantum physics can best be explained via the Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe scenario. No double-slit experiment shows BOTH wave behaviour AND particle behaviour at the same time. One slit open and two slits open are two separate experiments. The former shows particle behaviour; the later wave behaviour. The question is how to explain the duality which seems paradoxical. Even Richard Feynman by his own admission couldn’t explain it. IMHO programmed software does the trick rather neatly!


Superposition-of-State and Collapse-of-the-Wave-Function

So no doubt you believe, even with qualifiers, that Schrodinger’s Cat is both alive and dead at the same time (however short that interval might be) since it is entangled with that radioactive nucleus that has both decayed and not decayed at the same time (however short that interval might be).

Here’s a lesson in common sense, or more formally logic if you will – something cannot both be and not be at the same time in the same place for however briefly a time. To suggest otherwise is just pure ignorance. If you make the claim to the contrary, show me the evidence that superposition-of-state and the so-called (alleged and associated) ‘collapse’ of the wave-function is experimentally true. You can’t because when you allegedly ‘collapse’ the wave-function with your observation or measurement, how do you know the alleged wave-function wasn’t already ‘collapsed’ by the time you peeked or more to the point perhaps in reality had always been in a ‘collapsed’ state on the logical grounds that the wave-function can’t ‘collapse’ since there was no superposition-of-state with an associated wave-function that required ‘collapsing’ in the first place. The ‘collapse’ is pure fiction.

Further, there’s no experiment that demonstrates a superposition-of-state that something is simultaneously BOTH in this state AND in that state at the same time and place. That’s because experimental results always show that you end up with this state OR that state. Experiments designed to detect particles find particles; experiments designed to detect waves detect waves, even if the experiments are closely related, like the Double-Slit experiment and variations on the theme.

So how do I explain wave-particle duality? I explain duality via the simulation hypothesis. Simulating the anomalous results inherent in the Double-Slit experiment(s) is no big deal to a software programmer. I’ve consistently stated that the best evidence for the Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe resides in quantum physics.


Observer Effect

I’m sure astronomers would agree that galaxies and stars and planets and associated debris exist independently of their own existence. Palaeontologists would acknowledge the existence of the trilobites and the dinosaurs even if humans had never evolved to discover their fossil evidence. Meteorologists would be convinced that thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards and even sunny days existed before the word meteorologists was thought of in anybody’s philosophy.

But can quantum physics, as described by quantum physicists exist independently of quantum physicists, physicists who play the role of observer? Did quantum physics exist the way quantum physicists say quantum physics exists before there were any quantum physicists? What if quantum physicists got the quantum mathematics right but the quantum mechanisms wrong? After all, even the late Nobel Laureate and quantum physicist Richard Feynman said that nobody (including himself) really understood quantum physics, that is, how it actually works, a sentiment echoed by many others both before and after.

It would appear to me that no other physical science is as dependent on observers and measurements as quantum physics. A cat exists independently of a biologist, but the state of Schrodinger’s Cat is dependent on the quantum physicist making an observation.

Now the question is, what is the state of reality of quantum physics if there are no quantum physicists to act as observers, who make no measurements, have no awareness or consciousness that’s present and accounted for to account for the quantum mechanisms – if any exist independently that is.

IMHO, quantum physics minus quantum physicists, well then everything is in an either this OR that state. There are no probabilities then associated with quantum physics. Probability is just a mathematical expression; an invention by consciousness entities (like quantum physicists or gamblers) to deal with their limitations and uncertainties. The abstract and mentally invented concept of probability has no independent reality. There is of course entanglement in selected scenarios like the creation of matter-antimatter particles that can arise out of the vacuum energy, but no such thing as a superposition-of-state or a collapse of the wave-function which requires an observation or measurement by quantum physicists who have all gone AWOL from this little exercise.

Now if this is the state of quantum affairs without quantum physicists, then that has to be the state of affairs even when quantum physicists are present and accounted for. As in the case of astronomy, palaeontology and meteorology, the objects and their mechanisms exist independently of the astronomers, the palaeontologists and the meteorologists and it matter not one jot if to the cosmos whether or not astronomers, palaeontologists, meteorologists and of course quantum physicists exist or don’t exist.


More About the Observer Effect

Whether measurements and observations/observers are entangled or not, measurement is 100% irrelevant and observation is 100% irrelevant to any status quo since no thing (like a coin) can both be (heads-up) and not be (simultaneously heads-down) at the same time and in the same place. It’s either heads-up or it is heads-down irrespective of whether any measurement or observation of the state of the coin has, is, or ever will take place.

Thus the existence or non-existence of observers, observations and associated measurements throughout the lifetime of the cosmos has absolutely no relevance or bearing to my most basic of basic premises which is that something, anything, can NOT both be and not-be at the same time and in the same place. Superposition-of-state is a human invention and has as much reality as Alice’s “Wonderland”. No superposition-of-states means no collapses of wave-functions and thus no spooky actions at a distance.

In short, the Moon continues to exist even if no one is looking at it. End of story, or at least this is now the end of my story. If you wish to view reality differently, I have no issue with that.


Four Physical Forces

Actually, when you stop and ponder the issue, all of the four fundamental forces are mysterious. You can read textbook after textbook written by prominent particle physicists filled from beginning to end with equations and all you will find is what happens or what will happen. The textbooks and the authors and the equations never tell you how the forces actually operate and especially why what happens, happens. Of course things are way less mysterious if all this forceful activity is just software programming. Perhaps action-at-a-distance is just a feature of our virtual landscape, part of the overall Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe.


The Macro vs. the Micro

If a coin is freely falling, maybe spinning or tumbling in a chaotic fashion, I feel it could take on a near infinite number of orientations with respect to the observer (camera or person). It could of course be face on (heads or tails) to the viewer or it could be edge on or tilted to the left or right or to the top or bottom either slightly or extremely, etc. The central point though is that in every passing interval of time, however short you wish to make that interval, the orientation is either this or that or the next thing. It’s never two or more orientations at the same time.

To sum up my philosophy here, one cannot view or treat the micro, the realm of the quantum, any differently than the realm of the macro since there is no distinguishable line-in-the-sand that can be drawn between them. One softly-softly merges into the other. So if something doesn’t make sense in the macro (i.e. – something of structure and substance being in two places at the same time), then it makes no sense in the micro either.


The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Where does the uncertainty reside in the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle? In every definition or description of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle I’ve come across, it is stated explicitly or implied that there is an observer or stand-in proxies measuring device that’s part and parcel of the overall Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle picture.

A common example of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is that a photon bounces off an electron. The photon enables the observer to ‘see’ the electron, but that bouncing off bit alters the trajectory of the electron so the electron isn’t where the photon that the observer sees says it is – thus the uncertainty.

Thus, the uncertainty rests with the observer or associated proxies. It’s the observer who is uncertain or in a position of uncertainty.

Now remove the observer from the scenario leaving just the photon and the electron doing their thing. Is there any quantitative or qualitative amount of uncertainty left? If you eliminate or remove the observer then where does that leave the uncertainty? That’s not just an academic question since once upon a time the Universe contained no observers and even today 99.99999% of the cosmos is free of observer peeping toms.

IMHO, once the observer is eliminated from the picture there is no longer any uncertainty inherent in the picture.

Time Travel, Higher Dimensions, Teleportation and Quantum Physics – Do They Really Exist?

Man is addictive to his imagination. Starting from the childhood, everyone grows with an imaginary world inside them. Only a very few people see their dream come true because of their hard work, luck or the fact that their imaginations were somewhat realistic. Everyone might not have thought about quantum physics but most of us have wondered at some point as “what if I could have my teenage back?”. Time travel is the concept of traveling in time. It does not merely mean to travel in time, but it really means the control over time.

The puzzling thing in science is that scientists are able to postulate extra dimensions than the physical and temporal dimensions but there is no way to feel them. What does an extra dimension mean? We are bound by time and we live across a time frame. We are all mass (objects with weight and could be felt physically) made objects but there are other dimensions as light and energy. Well we only know of energy as another dimension because we know there is energy. What if there are things that we don’t know? What if there are other dimensions that can interact with our dimensions but not us them?

What if you could travel to any spot in the universe in no time at all? How about you step inside a lift in Australia and press the button and then the lift opens and you are in the United States of America? What if the lift did not travel through any tunnel but you were disassembled into subatomic particles and then reassembled on the destination? Actually that is the thesis under teleportation. Teleportation proposes a method where an object inside a teleportation device would be disintegrated into subatomic particles and be re-integrated into the original object inside another teleportation device in the destination location. This seems impossible but science is scary; the quantum entanglement might show a green signal to this seemingly impossible method.

If the puzzle of science is extra dimensions, then the mystery of science is quantum physics. Decades ago, quantum physics was in much lesser practical stages and was mostly theoretical. Today’s technology has not only taken quantum physics practical but also made quantum physics applied in science. There are already quantum computers (at a very primary stage) operating under laboratory conditions. What is quantum physics? To explain it simple, it is the science with entirely different set of laws when you deal with particles smaller than atoms.

In fact, the time travel, higher dimensions and quantum physics all seem to be interconnected. Quantum physics states that matter could come into existence out of nothing and be destroyed into nothing. This is very much contradictory to the early days’ and today’s science. The Newtonian science stated that the matter nor could neither be formed nor destroyed. The Theory of General Relativity of Einstein brought science to a whole different level when he actually postulated in a simple formula that matter could transform into energy and vice versa.

Now, that there are theories that actually propose and logically prove that energy could come out of nothing. The Spacetime dimension could be scattered or be passed through by a few physical objects naturally. The quantum entanglement of smaller particles is the most puzzling and interesting of the quantum physics.

The quantum entanglement suggests and is proved that two connected particles (and how they are connected is a mystery even to quantum physicists) could react for the action of one of the pair even if they were separated by larger distances. To this day, light is the fastest travelling entity in the world. It seems that if you apply a stimulation that will affect one of the entangled particles, the other one reacts immediately even if it is separated by a million kilometers. The point is, that the information from one particle to another particle seems to have travelled faster than light.

There are different possibilities but the most relevant ones should be either that the information is transferred thorough another dimension which is not bound by time, or the particles are close to each other in time itself so that there is no time gap between the two particles.

Scientists are preparing models of time machines and teleportation devices based on the quantum entanglement properties of subatomic particles. In fact there have been experiments where teleportation of single subatomic particles have been proven to be taking place.

It is natural that science branched into more and more narrow paths. It is also natural that all science has to find a single point of reunion. Scientists, mostly theoretical physicists couldn’t cope with all the millions of laws, rules and equations in science. They wanted to know if there is a single explanation that could explain everything. This thought gave birth to the idea of the Theory of Everything.

If a Theory of Everything is postulated and proved then humanity would have been to the edge of this generation science. What the idea of the Theory of Everything means is that there would be a single equation that could be applied to explain the formation of the universe, the existence of it, all the current events at subatomic and atomic levels and much more of science.

If fact a proven Theory of Everything could explain the time travel, extra dimensions, teleportation and quantum physics positively. It is a continued attempt of respected scientists that has taken this theoretical theory to a new level. There were many theories proposed about it but the latest and most agreed one is the string theory. You think it is simple to have a theory so that everyone is happy but that was not the case.

The string theory came in five different forms. Now that there were five groups of scientists telling that their version of the theory was the right one. However, it came to an end when all scientists agreed that in fact all five different versions of the string theory were explaining the same thing. Now the accepted theory is called the M Theory. It is basically the most accepted theory closer to the conceptual Theory of Everything. Is it enough? Not enough!

There are loop holes in every single thing in science. The beauty of science is its falsifiability. Since the M theory came into existence and acceptance there have been efforts to fill in the gaps in the M Theory. Remember that a Theory of Everything should actually explain everything. Starting from dreams, demons and angels, radiation, expansion of the universe, the speed of the light, the foundation of time and every other thing that has a question mark on it should be explained by the Theory of Everything. So, is the theory there?

Actually the theory of everything is missing.