Probability Versus Causality In Quantum Physics

It is claimed that quantum physics is based not on certainty (i.e. – causality) but on probability, and therefore Mother Nature places the cosmos ultimately under wraps, under a restriction that there just are some secrets that are Hers and Hers alone to know, and not for us mere mortals. However, truth be known, Mother Nature is just as restrictive at times even when probability doesn’t enter into the equation. Therefore, quantum physics isn’t some be-all-and-end-all of failing to come to terms with cosmic certainties. In any event, the concept of probability is a human concept, and quantum physics predates human concepts. Quantum physics maybe full of probabilities to us mortals, but not to Mother Nature.

Probability and quantum physics: the issue here is not whether quantum physics works – it’s been proven 100% accurate down to the 12th decimal place and then some. It is ultimately responsible for over 1/3rd of the global economy in technological gizmos and applications. The issue is rather does quantum physics play the game and operate under fixed and final rules of causality or does it play by its own on-a-whim ‘rules’ which aren’t really rules since they are meant to be broken.

Either causality operates or it doesn’t. If it does, then quantum physics does not, cannot, strut its stuff willy-nilly without any cause-and-effect in operation. If causality doesn’t operate then certainty doesn’t operate at any level since the certainty we associate with the macro is built on the uncertainty of the micro.

Quantum uncertainty, or the opposite side of the coin, probability, is usually made explicit by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle which basically states that through no fault of your own or your instrumentation, it is literally impossible to know various contrasting properties about a fundamental particle. The more you pin down and know about one property, the fuzzier another property becomes, and vice versa. You can never know both properties absolutely to a 100% certainty. In fact you can never know either property to the 100% certainty level. That’s because the very act of observing or of measuring changes the properties that you are trying to observe or measure. Mother Nature has forced or placed this not-to-be-negotiated and no-correspondence-will-be-entered-into restriction on you, the observer, or on your sidekick, your measuring gizmo. So there! Or is it really so? The key is that you, the observer, or your measuring doohickie device, is in the bloody way. You can’t know the precise state of affairs of the system you are interested in if you are part of that system. You are not part of the solution; you are the problem!

Probability is nothing more than a statement that you, the human you, don’t know something for absolute certain. That’s it. Once you find out for certain, it’s no longer probability but certainty. If you can’t find out, and the very act of observing or measuring can alter the properties of what you are trying to observe or measure (and that’s really what the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is all about), what transpires or eventuates if there is no observation or measurement?

In every definition or explanation I’ve ever seen about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle it is either implied o explicitly stated that an observer and/or measurement is being attempted or considered.

Probability remains probability if you can’t ever know in practice or even in theory. However, one can postulate that an omniscient (all-knowing) deity must know all things not only in practice but in theory too. No person who believes in an all-knowing God could put any stock in quantum physics as operating in the realm of probability; ditto the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. However, I really don’t need to go down that pathway since I state with certainty that there is no God, all-knowing or otherwise.

Even if you don’t know, but it is possible to know in theory, well that too results in at least theoretical certainty.

But what if it is not possible to know, even in theory, a.k.a. the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle? Well, that too, doesn’t of necessity rule in probability and rule out certainty.

As another example of so-called quantum probability, take radioactive decay which is alleged to be lacking is causality – it happens for no reason at all. As far as an observer is concerned, a radioactive atom, or its nucleus, will decay, but exactly when and under what conditions is unpredictable, maybe in 10 seconds, maybe not for a billion years. It’s all probability.

This is an example of Mother Nature hiding skeletons in Her closet. The observer is thwarted in coming to terms with radioactive decay other than through, or by computing, probabilities. Therefore, quantum physics is probability. But that’s only if you accept the lack of causality premise. I totally reject that and suggest that radioactive decay does have a cause – we just don’t know what it is. Thanks to Mother Nature’s closet, we are restricted or prevented with absolutes or limitations to our vision of reality. There are lots of examples of skeletons in Mother Nature’s closet that don’t involve probability (see below), so why should radioactive decay be an exception to the rule?

If a human observer is present, she might say based on computing probabilities, that the radioactive atomic nucleus has a 50-50 chance of going poof in one hour. But, if there is no human observer, the radioactive nucleus will go poof (absolutely certain) – eventually. There’s no probability involved because there are no artificial time units involved – time units are a human concept or invention not part of Mother Nature’s vocabulary. So probability in quantum physics is observer dependent (or dependent on there being an observer) – no observer, no probability, just certainty.

Mother Nature has imposed lots of other absolutes or limitations on us. Jump into a Black Hole and you’re not coming out again, even if you were born on Krypton. No probability here.

You cannot travel at the speed of light – period! No probability here.

If you are inside a closed room (no windows) you have no way of telling if you are on Earth and in Earth’s 1-G gravity field or in space being accelerated at 1-G. No probability here.

Akin to the above, you have no sense of motion while you are sitting comfortably on your sofa. Yet, the Earth is spinning on its axis; the Earth is orbiting around the Sun; the Sun is orbiting around the Milky Way Galaxy; and the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy are on a collision course (relax, not to intersect for another five billion years). Equally, if you were in a spaceship with no windows (no fair peeking outside), and that spaceship were travelling at a constant rate of speed, you wouldn’t feel it and thus you wouldn’t be aware that you we travelling at a rapid rate of knots. No probability here.

Mother Nature doesn’t require you to be hatched; She does require you to die. No probability here.

You are on a train stopped at the railway station. On your left is another train also stopped at the railway station. That other train starts moving to your rear, or, are you moving forward leaving the other train behind. Which is it? It’s soon going to be obvious, but just for a few seconds, you didn’t know. If all that existed were just the two trains and you with no other frames of reference, you’d never know if the other train was moving, or if your train was moving, or both. No probability here.

You cannot observe any part of the Universe that resides over the horizon that marks the observable boundary that contains the observable Universe (just like you can not observe a ship that has sailed over the horizon of the spherical Earth). No probability here.

When you look out into the night sky at the distant stars and galaxies, you are looking back in time, since it takes time for the light of those objects to reach us. But you cannot observe the cosmos further back than 300,000 years post that Big Bang event. That’s because the cosmos was still too thick with stuff to allow viewing. It’s akin to the fact that you cannot view the centre of the Sun because there’s too much sun-stuff in the way. In fact it takes extremely lengthy amounts of time for a photon to struggle its way from the centre to the surface of the Sun. So, 300,000 years is the limit, which is why it’s nonsense for cosmologists to dictate with absolute certainty what the structure and substance of the Universe was like prior to that time, especially that nonsense that a nanosecond after the Big Bang the Universe was just the size of a pinhead – they are just guesstimating and bad guesstimating at that. No probability here.

You cannot change the past. No probability here.

Finally, without our modern technology, the ‘Naked Ape’ could not detect gamma rays, or X-rays, or radio waves, or microwaves, cosmic rays, neutrinos, and a host of other bits and pieces that are part and parcel of the Universe. No probability here.

So you see that Mother Nature has imposed all manner of absolute obstacles in our way of looking up her skirt and uncovering her ‘private’ nature as it were. That doesn’t mean the anatomy doesn’t exist, only we’re not allowed to peek and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. So, her anatomy is uncertain or probably is this, or that or the next thing but only to us, the wannabe observer.

Finally, consider and reconsider the quantum mantra: Anything that isn’t forbidden is compulsory; anything that can happen will happen. Does that sound like a probability statement to you?

In summary and in conclusion, references to quantum physics are full of the word “probability”. They are also filled with terms linking probability to someone like me or to someone like you – an observer. Remove or eliminate the observer and you remove or eliminate the probability in quantum probability.

Quantum Physics And The Occult Writer

Have you ever wondered, as I have, where the ideas from books come from. How magically a Sci-Fi writer describes life on another planet or another dimension.

Where does an horror story writer get his demons and monsters from? Where did “Jaws” come from?

Many of the turn of the century writers like Bram Stoker (Dracula); Shelly (Frankenstien); J.C. Lovecraft etc. took their story ideas from the mythologies and folklore available to them. Werewolves, probably came from the legends of shape-shifters in Norse Mythology.

Where did Jules Verne get his ideas of Space travel? Rockets? Submarines? Time Travel?

Being a writer myself, I ponder over these questions many times while I look at my blank piece of paper with pen in hand.

The Age of Aquarius has introduced us to the Laws of Quantum Physics. This tells us that there exists an infinite Ocean of intelligent thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean.

Everything that ever was, is or will be exists in this Quantum Ocean, that we can also call the Mind of God. There is no past, present nor future. There is only the NOW.

Therefore, we can conclude every idea that these writers have was pulled out of the Quantum Ocean.

All the mythologies and folk tales exist and have existed in the Quantum Ocean. The writer built a resonant frequency through his/her thoughts and desires to write such and such a book and the energy exchange took place.

The idea for space travel, rocket flights, submarines exited in the Quantum Ocean and Jules Verne tuned in and received the information.

Or maybe the information was ready to ‘blink out” of the Quantum Ocean into physical reality and one of two things could have happened. The writer, inventor spent so much thought and emotion on the idea that through the Laws of Resonant Frequency he/she attraced it.

Or by some kind of Divine timing plan, which we as mortals, do not understand the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, sought out a mind that had the ability to understand the idea, story, concept or invention and it shot out an inspirational lightening bolt planting the ideas, etc. in the mind of that person.

Robert Louis Stevenson said that while he was walking along the beach, a story idea kept flashing into his mind. He ran and got his pad and pen and wrote ‘Treasure Island’ in one sitting. He said it was as if someone was telling him the story as he wrote it. There are many stories of writers and inventors who have had similar experiences.

I, myself, when I wrote my children’s stories sometimes moved my fingers so fast over the keyboard, that afterwards I had to read what it was I had written.

The enigma with writers and inventors, which came first, the “chicken or the egg”

Or did the mind of the writer or inventor attract the information out of the Quantum Ocean. Or did the Quantum Ocean seek out a Harmonious writer, inventor and plant the idea in their mind.

I can understand where the ideas for Myths and Folklore stories come from. But where does an idea for a story like ‘Chucky’, “Saw”, “Halloween”, and “Friday the 13th”come from?

Obviously these came from the Quantum Ocean also. It is from the Mind of God, but we can assume that is is the “Dark Side” of the Mind of God.

These horror ideas are there, but should they be tapped into and made manifest in films and books. All is balance. And when I go to my local Video store, there seems to be an IMBALANCE, ie. more and more of the horror film genre rather than films of an inspirational or spiritual vent.

Not every idea or invention that a man CAN do, SHOULD be done. The question should be asked, “I can do this, but SHOULD I?” Einstein should have never given the world the secrets of Atomic energy. Yes it gives us electricity, but look at the terror of the A bomb. Think of the people it has killed, and the millions who live in fear that it will kill and maime again.

We are just now understanding the ill effects of Horror, Fear, and Terror and their effects on humans. Why would we want to see or read about things that make us sick.

What kind of writer is it who attracts these Horror stories out of the Quantum Ocean. What kind of mind does the Dark Side of the Quantum Ocean seek out to give these Horror stories to? The answer may like in the timing. Every thing in life is cylical. It is the changing of two great eras, the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius and there is always a 2 -3 hundred year overlap when it is neither one nor the other.

It is a time of Chaos, a time of Kali Yuga. It is an Iron age; a Wolf Age.

Perhaps, through some Divine plan, these Dark energies are released from the Quantum Ocean, at set intervals in the evolution of Earth and man, for the purpose of bringing about the end of an Age. The Gates of Hell are opened for a time to speed up the process.

Attract Money With Runes and Laws of Quantum Physics

Rune Meditations FA for Wealth/Prosperity

For the first time you can now combine the Ancient Wisdom of the Runes with the power of Quantum Physics to attract wealth.

I believe in the power of the Universal Creative Energies called the RUNES. The power of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Three. The Law of Resonant Frequencies. All laws you can now use to recreate your life the way you want it.

All these laws are now fully explained in the modern day language, called Quantum Physics. Our ancestors and the modern day metaphyscians called these working laws The Mind of God.

By consciously using these laws we can change our destiny, and our lives, to include more abundance, health and happiness.

Runic energies are the most powerful way to do this.

I am sharing with you my 25 years of rune work. I will use the modern languages of energy and Quantum Physics.

Runes, Rune-Meditations, Rune-Magic, Rune-Yoga are all part of the great truth of Creation.


You will notice that there is a great similarity between this meditation and the meditation for health. I am a firm believer in repetition. The more you see something, the sooner you will grasp it

What you about to read, about runic energies, you won’t find on any where else. This is the first time RUNES are presented from a strictly energy point of view.

To practice this runic breathing exercise you do not need any ritualistic paraphernalia. All you will need is to print out the oversized rune you will find at the this lesson.

It is best to print it out on hard card stock, it will last longer.

For this runic breathing exercise we will use RUNE-FA . The Rune of mobile wealth.

To begin, sit comfortably in your favorite chair. It is best if possible to use the same chair everyday for your runic meditations. In this way the chair will become imbued and charged with runic energies. After awhile, just sitting in the chair will bring you the feeling of peace and calm.

Relax, do not strain. Breathe slowly and deeply Do not be concerned if you are doing it right or wrong. Do not be concerned if you are pleasing or displeasing a god/goddess. It is not a ritual. It is about attracting rune energies.

It is your personal rune-meditation-for-wealth breathing exercise. It is energy and vibrations.

Where you place your attention your energy flows. You actually touch what you think about, and it will touch you back. When you place your attention on the runes in the Quantum Ocean their energies will flow towards you. You are performing an energy transfer.


The runic wealth energy that you are about to attract has to have a specific target, a specific place to flow to. You will now prepare yourself to mentally receive these energies into your personal energy field (AURA.)

Once your personal energy field is charged with this runic energy then you can mentally create whatever means to this wealth that you desire

Or, you can let this rune energy circulate throughout your body and energy fields, charging each cell in your body with the desire for wealth energy.

Or, you can mentally send runic energy to someone at a distance to help their wealth process to begin.

This is known as magic at a distance.

Your mind is a very powerful radionic tool, if it is used correctly. Visualization is one of its most creative tools. It works extremely well with runic energies.

We are not going to attach any magical, mystical, spiritual, religious or secret meanings to our runic breathing exercises. We are simply going to think of it as our individual energy system exercise. It is into this middle pillar system of energies that we will pour our runic energies..

You can visualize your five energy chakras as basketball size spheres.

These five chakras are :

* CROWN CHAKRA basketball sphere 4″ above your head.

* THROAT CHAKRA basketball sphere in neck and throat area.

* HEART CHAKRA basketball sphere in heart area.

* GENITAL CHAKRA basketball sphere in genital area.

* GROUND CHAKRA basketball sphere in your feet area.

These five chakras are lined up in the center of your body. There is a 3″ tube connecting each one. This way the runic energy can flow from the crown chakra to the ground chakra.


Sit quietly and visualize your middle pillar energy system within you.

Visualize an infinite ocean of energy, the Quantum Ocean all around you. Use whatever visualization you wish. This is not a prayer nor a sacred ritual to the gods/goddesses. You can’t do it wrong. This is your own personalized runic energy healing exercise.

Hold the large FA cardboard rune in your lap with both hands.

Look at it. As you place your attention on the runic symbol on your lap the FA energy from the Quantum Ocean will start to flow towards you.

Your runic energy must have a target, a place to go. This is where most students make their mistake. You must give the energy a specific target.

The runic energy target will be your Middle Pillar Energy System .

Now slowly and steadily, while looking at the FA rune symbol, breath this energy into yourself. Breath it in as if it were a wonderful flowing stream of light.

Intone (say mentally to yourself)

“I am now inhaling the PROSPERITY runic energy of FA, from the Quantum Ocean into my crown chakra (4″ basketball sphere above your head.”)

By using your mental powers you control the runic energy exchange from the Quantum Ocean to your energy fields.

Mentally see this runic energy flowing from the Quantum Ocean into your crown chakra. See your crown chakra fill up with this energy.

Take a moment and feel and visualize this crown chakra full of runic prosperity energy. Do not rush.

As you advance in your studies you will learn to use colors also.

For now it is suffice to use white light. But make it a dynamic, sparkling white light.

Intone three times.

Take a deep breath each time, look at FA rune in your hands.

The runic energy in the crown chakra will now start to flow down the 3″ tube and start to fill your throat chakra.

When your throat chakra is full of runic energy, see this energy flowing down the 3″ tube into your heart chakra.

When you heart chakra is full, see the energy flowing down the 3″ tube into your genetal chakra.

When your genital chakra is full, see the energy flowing down to your ground (feet) chakra.

Take a few minutes and sit in your middle pillar of runic prosperity energies. See this rich white FA energy filling all of your 5 spheres (chakras) and your middle pillar.


Start to circulate the money energy around your body.

Visualize a 3″ stream of this white light flowing out of your crown chakra and flowing down the front of your body.

This 3″ energy flows down your face, your chest, your stomach, your genetals, your legs, to your feet and toes.

Then under your feet and up your heels, your calves, your thighs, your buttocks, your spine, your neck, back of head and back into your crown chakra.

You now have a flowing ring of runic money energy flowing down the front of your body and up the back. You have the first ring of energy around your body.


Start a second stream of energy out of your crown chakra down the left side of your head, your ear, your shoulder, your arm, your hip, your thigh, your leg, your ankle.

Under your feet and up the right side. Your ankle, thigh, hip, shoulder, ear and back into the crown chakra.


From your heart chakra visualize a third 3″ flow of energy coming out of your heart. Let it flow to about one foot in front of you.

Now circle it clockwise around your body from left to right.

Let us stop here for a moment. This may sound very complicated. It is not. After some practice you will be able to do the whole middle pillar healing exercise in 15 minutes.

Fifteen minutes once a day to improve your health, wealth and happiness. This is a small price to pay.

Remember we are dealing with energies. Energy flows. That is what we are doing, getting the energy out of the Quantum Ocean to flow towards you and into you

You have now created 3 rings of flowing runic energy around your body.

One around the front of your body from crown chakra to feet and up your back.

One around your body from left side of crown chakra down the left side of your body. Up the right side of your body and back into the crown chakra.

One around your middle, clockwise.

Now expand these three rings so that you fill your aura, which is one foot from your body. See and fill your aura full of white prosperity runic light. Forget about the 3 rings and concentrate on your aura being full.

This is your egg shaped auric shell. This is where all prosperity begins.

You always have an aura surrounding you. Most people have aura’s that are very close to their body like a pair of pantyhose. We want to expand our auras out so that they are surrounding us at least one foot from our bodes all around us. This gives us more energy and more protection.

By continuing your breathing exercises your aura will get stronger and stronger. Your health and well being will also increase as your aura gets stronger.


(1) Give yourself a general prosperity healing session?

(2) Send prosperity energy to a certain business?

(3) Send this prosperity energy to a friend or loved one? (distance does not matter)


Take a deep breath and mentally intone:

“I am now inhaling this powerful runic FA energy into every cell of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.”

Feel the energy from your auric shell entering your body and filling every cell.


Take a second breath and repeat intonation.


Take a third breath and repeat intonation.


Now sit quietly as your auric shell, which is filled with FA wealth energy, charges every cell of your body.

Sit as long as you like.

Give a silent thank you to the Rune FA .

Know that the Rune Meditation for Prosperity is at work as you go about your business


Let us say you have a particular business or money making plan that you want to send prosperity energy to.

Let us say that you are concerned about your website business.

While you are sitting in your chair with your auric shell full of runic FA energy, take a deep breath and intone mentally:

“I am now sending the powerful prosperity energy of the FA rune into every fawcett of my webiste business.”

Visualize the white sparkling energy in your aura flowing into your website. Visualize your website on the screen in front of you. Your website as far as the Quantum Ocean is concerned is a living entity. All living entities give off and attract energy. Treat it as if it was alive and send it prosperity energy.

Again three breaths.

Three and nine are the magical multiples when using the runes.

Sit as long as you like and enjoy the felling of well being that this transfer of energy between you and your website will bring you.

You can do it as often as you like.

You can use this breathing exercise and send the energy to any business or money making plan you have.

We are talking about energy. The beautiful simplicity of this exercise is that we are attracting energy out of the Quantum Ocean (MIND OF GOD). We are then using our minds to direct this prosperity energy to where it is needed.


Send wealth energy to the business of a friend or a loved one. Life-force knows no distance barrier. It does not travel like electricity does in our three dimensional world. The only distance in the world of Life-force (Quantum Ocean) is similarities of shape.

When you think of your loved ones business you set up a mental link. The thought of your loved ones business in your mind is your loved ones business as far as Quantum Ocean is concerned.

So, when you think of it, you are actually making contact. You are touching the business. Close your eyes and think of the business. You are mentally sending it the energy you have stored in your auric shell. You are touching it with this energy. There is no distance between their business and your mental picture of it.

With your aura filled with the runic FA energy, take a deep breath, visualize your loved ones business in your mind, then exhale slowly through your mouth and see this prosperity FA energy flowing out of your mouth and into the auric shell of the business.

Once it reaches the auric shell of your friends business it will know where to go to bring prosperity.

You can also hold a photo or a business card of your loved ones business in your hands and breathe on it. The prosperity FA energy will flow into the picture and into the business.

The Creator God made all his laws simple . Only man complicates them.

Learn all you can about the Laws of Quantum Physics. The next 2000 years will be all about energy and energy transferring.

You can use runes and the Laws of Quantum Physics to attract wealth energy out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and into your life.