Time Travelling – It’s Time To Go For The Ride Of Your Life

Do you feel like you’re not fully on track?

Are you uncertain about your future and purpose?

Does ‘Cloud Atlas’ make sense to you?

Would it help to plug in to the power you really have?

Then read on… It’s time we started talking about the significance of this 2012 year now.

In case you were concerned, the world will not end in 2012. No catastrophe is planned or needs to be avoided. The earth is stable and capable.

Instead, it’s been said that the earth will expand, thereby ascending, on December 12th, 2012 or 12-12-12. Then, over the next 10 days, a rebirth of consciousness occurs, culminating on 12-21-12.

Visionaries call this time in history the entry point into the universal underworld of conscious evolution and revolution.* Others call it the collective rebirth, and equate 12-12-12 with the 12 strands in our DNA. In this amazing time of newfound cosmic awareness, the connectivity of these DNA strands can become fully activated, as the human race expands their collective consciousness.

What’s required to become more multidimensional?

There will, obviously, still be 3-dimensional duality on the planet, and most of the population will undoubtedly still represent themselves as 3-dimensional beings, but your ability to access your multidimensional self will be magnificently enhanced.

The transition from 3-dimensional to multidimensional systems of reality is made on the higher self plane. But first, your little human needs to take power by understanding the repercussions of your thoughts and emotions.

Let me back up.

Most of you know that time and space are illusions, yet this belief is stubbornly held onto by 3-dimensional beings. They experience only what they see, and they fear what they cannot see. Their linear focus becomes their perception, which then blocks out their ability to become multidimensional.

As human beings, this ‘physical reality only’ perspective has been necessary up till now, in that it allowed you to create human experiences and growth. However, as the growth expands, so does the need for a more expansive multidimensional approach. This significant year is all about that expansion. And the first thing that needs to expand is your perspective of time and space.

So you question time and space. Analyze them. Attempt to measure them with your 3-dimensional tools. And you wind up puzzled. Regroup.

Okay, you know you travel in space and time during much of your sleeping periods. That’s a start. Let’s expand on that.

Beyond linear space and time

Because space and time interface and actually flow through each other, when your perception (during sleep) is no longer limited to the 3-dimensional physical reality, you co-exist in your past, present and future, as a reflection of a multidimensional reality. The separation of even your lifetimes is null and void, for those distinctions exist only in the 3-dimensional belief system.

With me so far?

We have created quantum consciousness because classic mechanics cannot fully explain consciousness. And what we know from quantum consciousness is that lifetimes are not predestined. The choices are yours. You have the ability to live beyond your basic physical 3-dimensional programming. You are the maker of reality. And deep inside you have the innate desire to do so.

3-dimensional reality time is only a created illusion, a limited linear perception of the unfolding of time. But all realities are in flux. What is real at one level of consciousness is unreal at another. Time exists as a series of electromagnetic codes that are in constant action, continued movement. And this is where it gets fascinating. The future AND the past are both, therefore, malleable.


Your thoughts and beliefs are creating your past as equally as they are creating your future. There are as many versions of your past as versions of your future. (Just ask different witnesses to an accident and you’ll hear how perspective creates reality. And ask them right after they witnessed the accident, a month later, and a year later. Again, perspective shifts.)

It makes sense to the linear mind that actions today will change the future. The extension of the time and space mechanism is that current actions also change the past. And that awareness is being more obviously activated during this evolutionary time of expanded consciousness.

Time Travelling

In the multidimensional experience, you have the ability to script your future and even to re-script what you think of as your past. These expanded realities are not experienced in the physical brain, but rather in higher multidimensionality – the higher self, higher mind, higher heart. The experiences are none the less vivid and sensational, as they allow you to live in the perceived time of today, while also living your other existences all at once.

Time travel happens to everyone in dream state. It’s the precursor to how it is experienced in lucid expansive conscious states. To evoke the dream state, we first use the measured understandings of brainwave levels. But that’s where hypnosis and hypnotherapy leave off. Deep multidimensional meditation enters the realms of quantum consciousness, accessing the stages necessary for true expanded awareness.

Once in deep multidimensional meditation, the quantum physics of mass energy projection are clear: you can ‘see’ that which you are creating in both your past and your future. If you do not want the outcome of that creation, due to extreme emotion or fear, then this is where change begins.

I know you know that your beliefs materialize your physical and environmental experiences. Beliefs begin thoughts which then extend to emotions and then ripple out into action and/or physical manifestation. Your beliefs result in your behaviour. Time traveling to the source of the belief gives you greater understanding and new choice of belief, which therefore shifts the entire network of repercussions.

Because the past, present and future exist simultaneously, there is no reason why you cannot alter an event that is within your control. You have the ability to remove trauma, anxiety and other fear based over-charged emotions that have rippled out into the rest of your life.

If those emotions have that much charge of energy, changing those emotions has an equally dynamic effect. In fact, the very power you exert in entering into quantum consciousness with someone such as myself, already begins the shift.

You chose the original emotional reaction, partially, so you could take power over it in another experience. A multidimensional experience. The choice for you, with your emotional reaction, is to lay down and feel victimized or passive or in some way powerless, OR to exert your greater sense of creator to take hold of the situation to evoke change.

All experiences have the purpose of showing you what can occur if you do not consciously create your own reality by whatever powers you can. Your ability to time travel – to become unfixed in time and navigate within it – serves your healing experience on multiple levels: physical yes, but integral as well.

Change is change, wherever it begins and however it plays out. And change is meaningless unless you give it value. You may change before, during or after what has seemingly occurred or is seemingly yet to occur. Time is a constant metamorphosis. When you consciously look at your past with your thoughts and memories, it is rarely what you remember it to be. And that’s just in this lifetime. When you navigate to other lifetimes you are like an explorer, discovering what you never knew existed. When you discover the source of the beliefs that have rippled out into your current experience of life, you can evolve them on the spot. In actuality. Not probability. The changes are real, and because of that, they affect everything else in your world.

As a multidimensional being, most of your challenges actually source themselves to the belief that you lack the ability to create your future and change your past. That you are stuck. But by expanding your perspective, through time travelling, on when, why and how that belief was created, the ripple effect that occurs adjusts your frequency to living your full multidimensional self as a human being on the planet today. The process is that awesome.

*Some of the 2012 prophecies from around the world:

Hopi – 25 years of purification, then the end of the 4th world, and beginning of the 5th.

Mayan – call it the ‘end days’, or the end of time as we know it.

Maori – as veils dissolve, a merging of the physical & spiritual worlds occur.

Zulu – believe that the whole world will be turned upside down.

Hindu – the coming of Kalki & critical mass of Enlightened Ones

Inca – call it the ‘age of meeting ourselves again’.

Aztec – the time of the Sixth Sun, of transformation, of the creation of a new race.

Pueblo – the emergence into the 5th world.

Cherokee – their ancient calendar ends exactly at 2012 (as does the Mayan).

Tibetan – coming of the Golden Age.

Egypt – great pyramid (stone calendar) time cycle ends in 2012.

and on and on…